A Voice to Open Prison Doors

What we have is a failure to communicate………..not just communicate our likes and dislikes but communicate our wisdom. Yes, we have taken a backseat when it comes to utilizing the wisdom that we have gained throughout our lifetime. 

It’s Time to Get LOUD! Not everyone is meant to speak on a stage but everyone has a word, or two, that can impact and empower someone else. From raising children that went off to college to not burning the Christmas Dinner, we each have something to contribute but how do you get it out? We come to an even bigger question. How do we make it relevant to current affairs, empowerment and business?

When you see the title, “A Voice to Open Prison Doors” there needs to be a mindset shift. The wisdom that you have gained through your life experiences has given you insight into a particular set of scenarios and circumstances unforeseen by others. Your perspective differs and therefore allows you to be objective in certain areas. All of this is the foundation and ground work for being a motivational speaker, an author or a coach. You just have to tap into the right vein in order to get the blood flowing.

“You are such a know it all” and statements just like it have backed us into a corner when it comes to sharing our wisdom. We go to jobs where we are hired for our unique qualities and then trained to be a drone. (This happens very often) We go to schools that teach us both to be an individual but remember to fill in the circle completely on a standardized test. There is a tug of war happening with your UNIQUE voice and before today you probably never noticed it.

“Not being heard is no reason for silence” ~ Victor Hugo

Take back your voice and Get LOUD by motivating the neighborhood youth, writing a book or becoming an advocate. It all begins with you making the decision to no longer be silent. Decide to no longer let people eat dry turkey for thanksgiving or no longer allowing children to get on the school bus in the morning hungry. Decide to create a new atmosphere for your neighborhood instead of waiting for SOMEBODY else to do it.

The time is now and the person is YOU! Don’t think that you have to create Rome in a day. Learning to DEFINE your UNIQUE voice and getting LOUD is a journey that many wish to travel but few ever take the opportunity to. You have the opportunity today to take action steps towards getting LOUD for your business, your freedom and your legacy. Start by realizing the wisdom you have and take action. There is someone waiting for your UNIQUE voice.

Watch the replay to find just what I mean when I say that it is time to DEFINE Your Unique Voice!

Until Next Time.

Altovise Pelzer

“Thee Voice Coach”

P.S. Are you ready to DEFINE your UNIQUE voice and get paid to speak? Reach out to me for a discovery call.



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