Sometimes you don’t get it all right……..🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

So today I told the world the truth…..I am not perfect. I know, I know! It’s hard to believe that a unicorn such as myself could forget to mention or show my books at a live event. I could hardly believe it myself. Oh and not to mention going live in a dark room and NOT using the ring light that was in my bag. I should have my rainbow earrings removed at once……….okay maybe a little over the top.
This is the thing when it comes to being a public speaker…..we don’t always get right in the marketing arena but we nail it when it comes to connecting with our audience. We just need practice meshing the two. 

Let me back up a bit. Yesterday I spoke in Philadelphia at an event in a restaurant (my first time experiencing this) but it was the same restaurant I was in eight years before after the molestation court case for my two girls. (Go to to get the livestream replay) So as you could imagine I was a bit emotional to be in that same restaurant eight years later. Oh and not just in the same restaurant but as a speaker sharing that other women can learn to have their voice heard. Wow right? 

Well needless to say, I was bit emotional. I didn’t cry but I was definitely not on my A game either. I stumbled over my words, forgot to show my books and yes I even went live without using my ring light. Smh! Guess what tho? I had several women compliment and tell me how inspiring my story was for them. I had several women go online to purchase a copy of my books. See I may not have gotten it 100% in the marketing but I nailed it in connecting to my audience. 

So how do we rectify this? Well………next time I have someone with me. I don’t even think a list would have helped in their instance. Other than that……I would change a thing. See for me public speaking is about serving the audience. They got what they needed so mission accomplished. ☺️ 

Things won’t always go right. Trust me, I’ve made more than enough blunders to know but that doesn’t stop us from being great. We are our greates selves when we are authentic. Continue to be authentic and hire someone to take care of the rest. Lol

Watch the FB Live Replay that lead to today’s blog. 

Don’t forget to PRESS it out! 


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  1. Good story. I can see why you’re a good public speaker. Your words are very personal and get the message across.

    Ring light? Hmm…


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