AHA moment 🤔 What if I didn’t say yes to the opportunity to Love My Voice? 😳

One of my clients says to me……”I get it Coach. It’s really okay to cry.” 😢 Well you know I did the usual response of thanking them but I actually got an opportunity to think about what that truly meant. At least, what it meant to me.

If I didn’t say yes……

(You fill in the blank)

When I wrote the book “Its Okay to Cry” I fought myself on the title, the topic and if anyone would actually read it. I didn’t realize the significance of my Voice. I mirrored the process and look others had chosen for their books but it didn’t feel right. For eight years I struggled to Define, Accept and Use my Unique Voice and with everything I was going through at the time…… I almost didn’t publish the book.

📕The book that people have told me got them through difficult times.

📗The book that helped women to overcome their insecurities.

📘The book that helped heal the hearts, minds and souls of women across the globe.

Yea, that book. So if one action of me moving out of my comfort zone can do so much then what are you waiting for? 🤷🏽‍♀️ What’s holding you back from loving Your Voice?

“It’s Okay to Cry”

Then I took it a few steps further and released a few more books……each with Aha moments being messaged to me by the readers and the amazing Your Voice Community. There was something starting and I had no clue just how big it would get. (And continues to get with the addition of the #SpeakEasy Podcast, Love my Voice Empowerment and Networking Tour & #OurVoiceMatters blog)

So, what will it be? Are you going to help the ones that need it? Will you write the book or start the business? How long will it be before you “say yes” to being the help that someone needs? I know it’s not easy saying yes but there is support and help along the way that makes it easier.

#noregrets Each time I help a woman to find her voice ……..I’m excited. For every woman that is empowered we also empower future generations. There are many more worldwide that need that same help. Women who has endured poverty, abuse, divorce and sickness that are waiting for the encouragement to move forward. Will you help me to help them?

One of my initiatives is impacting the lives of 1,000 women with my book “Leverage: The Hold my Hand Concept in Business, Culture and Families” You can purchase a copy for yourself or gift a copy to someone you know. (You must have the email of the person you are gifting the copy to) The message you saw earlier in this blog post was from someone who read this very same book. Let’s change the status quo when it comes to get help.

It’s Time to Love Your Voice!

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