Success Women’s Conference announces Top Influencers Award nominees for 2020

“As women, we should elevate and celebrate our accomplishments together.”

Dorothy, Kearn, and Tiffany are THRILLED to be hosting the most crucial event of 2020,The Success Women’s Conference. The conference is in its sixth year and it’s for YOU ifyou want MORE!

“As successful business women, we know the struggles our fellow sisters face and it’s our life-long mission to help them succeed. Whether you’re building career skills, working on your own company or starting a side-hustle, we’re here to rocket-blast you to the next level.”

Register today by going to the Success Women’s Conference website or check out their Eventbrite page.

We are ready to use our experience, skills and connections to propel you in your business, and you’re probably wondering why? The answer is easy for us – we BELIEVE in you!

“Women are tired of the restraints that keep them back from success! NO LONGER will they hold us back.”

What if I told you that the only person holding you back is you?

The belief we feel in ourselves impacts how successful we are, and if you don’t TRULY believe, how will you achieve?

SUCCESS Women’s Conference has been named one of the top conferences for professional women in the U.S. It is a unique experience designed to inspire, empower, connect and recharge women.

This year 42 women were nominated as local top influencers and 72 women were nominated as national top influencers. I am humbled to share that I was nominated as a National Top Influencer. We will be honored on October 10th virtually during the Success Women’s Conference. Check out some of the other nominees below.

Women like Tabitha Brown, Cheryl Wood, Candace Holyfield, Cordelia Gaffar, & Cheryl Polote-Williamson are being honored as well. These women are not only blazing trails in their industries but they have created opportunities for other women to do the same. Through books, courses, events, and plays, these ladies are showing the world what being an influencer is all about.

I have had the pleasure of having several of the nominees as guests on The #SpeakEasy Podcast. Each of these ladies shared life lessons, business strategies and the pitfalls to lookout for. Combatting the societal norms that make women believe that we need to compete instead of support causes us to miss key opportunities to be the change we want to see in the world.

You can check out their episodes on The #SpeakEasy Podcast below including one from Kearn Crocket-Cherry, one of the founders of the Success Women’s Conference.

When it comes to business and success, we are at a key pivotal moment. Opportunities are available everywhere and for anyone who is willing to do the work. For the opportunities that you can not find, resources and support are available to create it. It all comes down to a choice each of us must make in order to have the success that we desire.

Will you ask for what it is that you want and fight to receive it?

Register today by going to the Success Women’s Conference website or check out their Eventbrite page.

With over ten years of writing, Altovise uses her platforms to create opportunities for women to have their voices heard. Founder of the World Voice League, she educates and empowers through courses, a weekly accountability call, blogging, books, and the #SpeakEasy Podcast.

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