Best Practices for Using the Media After Covid with Denise Turney

How we are not only going to survive but THRIVE!

Are you searching for answers surrounding media in Life after Covid?
Today, Denise shares ideas on how to capture your audience using media with a twist.
She shares how media is going to be different after everything gets back to “normal”.
We are finding new ways to engage with people online.

She shares one of the best ways to build a list and connect with those on your list. Stay in front of your regular customers and begin to get new followers or customers.
This is the perfect time to start something new.

Check out Denise’s episode on The #SpeakEasy Podcast

Are you wanting to get out there and go “Big Time”? Do not be afraid to reach out to radio and TV broadcasters, but you need to do it right.

Find out the secrets to getting onto a show or radio program to tell your story. Know your audience and what your product or service will do for the listeners.

A great insider tip from Denise: If you start recording a vlog or podcast, record them 2 months out. That way you can be more relaxed about getting everything out and can really connect with your customers.

Such an encouraging podcast to help you move through this time and come out on the other side shining bright. Keep your momentum. Find a new pace, but stick with it in order to engage your audience on a whole new level.

We are only 3 degrees of separation from the people we really want to connect with. You may never realize who is listening to you if you never reach out to the ones who are on your mind.

One last tip: Plan out your marketing. Start now. Don’t wait!

Meet Denise:

Denise Turney ( is a novelist, public speaker, and professional corporate writer. She brings more than 30 books, newspapers, magazines, radio, and business speaking and writing to a project. Denise Turney is the editor of The Book Lover’s Haven and host of the literary radio show, Off The Shelf Books, Talk Radio. She has been listed in various entertainment and business directories, including industry leaders such as Who’s Who, 100 Most Admired African American Women, and Crosswalk. Her works have appeared in Parade, Essence, Ebony, Madame Noire, We The People, The Trenton Times, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, and Obsidian II. Denise Turney is the author of the books Portia, Love Has Many Faces, Spiral, Long Walk-Up, Rosetta The Talent Show Queen, Love Pour Over Me, Awaken Blessings of Inner Love, and Running Toward Freedom.

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