Just Keep Walking with Cathay Reta


Walking can be a transformative experience, both physically and emotionally.

“Keep walking, your heart will catch up.”

Cathay Reta is the author of “Keep Walking, Your Heart Will Catch Up.” She is a motivational speaker and self-love advocate.

This is Cathay Reta’s story…

After the death of her husband, Cathay Reta took a pilgrimage across northern Spain to find herself again. Along the way, she faced many challenges, including bedbugs, but she kept walking. She eventually realized that the journey was about more than just physical healing, but also emotional and spiritual healing. The trip changed her perspective on herself and her life, and she came back a changed woman.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How walking can be used as a tool for self-care and reflection
2. How grief can be processed and healed through walking
3. How a change in environment can help shift one’s perspective

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Chapter Summaries:
1) The #SpeakEasy is talking about walking in today’s episode. The title of Cathay’s book is” Keep Walking Your Heart will catch up “. Hashtag Speak Easy is a weekly podcast with a focus on fitness and mental health. Hashtag speaks. Easy is available on iTunes.

2) Cathay Reta walked the Camino de Santiago for 30 years. After her husband passed away, she was looking for a new direction in her life. She found absolution in a church. The word pilgrimage comes from an old English word that means to bring health or to bring wholeness.

3) Maria walked for 37 days to Santiago. Maria grew up in a home where there was domestic violence and walking was her way out. Maria’s husband died 3 years ago. Maria believes that walking is the most healing and meaningful journey to stick with it. Maria was crying in front of strangers 3000 miles away from home.

4) At the midway point of her journey, she got bedbugs. Patrick, a fellow traveler from the UK, comforted her. He talked to her about falling in love with herself again. A friend from back home told her she is an amazing woman. There are going to be people who want to help and encourage you during this walk. Sometimes we have to keep speaking where it is we’re trying to go and change what you’re looking at. Sometimes the thing that’s holding us back is what we see. You don’t have to go every step of the journey. Sometimes all you can see is a.

5) The most beautiful thing that Creta saw on her journey was walking on a dirt trail through a eucalyptus forest near the end. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, and she was a city girl, so she didn’t have many outdoor experiences. She had her niece help her to cut the berries in the orchard, and she remembers her niece’s smile and her laughter, and the smell of the trees. A beginner’s Guide to finding your Camino is available for free on Cafe Cafe’s website. It’s also available on Amazon or any of your local bookstores. There are a few tips to get started and to reflect on your life and what you’re looking for.

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