The Journey to Healing Trauma with Somatic Hypnotherapist Mahesh Grossman

When faced with a seemingly insurmountable goal, our protagonist must overcome the subconscious messages preventing them from success – messages which are a result of past trauma. In this episode you will learn: 1. What is trauma, and how does one heal from it?
2. What are the different ways that trauma can manifest in one’s life?
3. What is the best way to deal with trauma, specifically in regard to business?

“Everything is healable.”

Mahesh Grossman is a somatic hypnotherapist who helps people connect the subconscious mind and body. He has been working on his own trauma for 36 years and has developed a 5-step trauma detox process.

This is Mahesh Grossman’s story…

I’m a somatic hypnotherapist, which means I help people connect their subconscious minds and body. I’ve been working on my own trauma for 36 years, and only recently discovered some of the things that were holding me back. I use a technique called the magnet technique to help people let go of the stuff that’s holding them back. You imagine the person who hurt you holding a magnet and letting the magnet pull everything you back out of you.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. What is trauma, and how does one heal from it?
2. What are the different ways that trauma can manifest in one’s life?
3. What is the best way to deal with trauma, specifically in regard to business?


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Chapter Summaries:
[00:00:01] – Today’s episode of #SpeakEasy is going to be about trauma and one of the ways that people are healing from it. The guest is Mahesh.

[00:01:23] – Somatic Hypnotherapist helps people connect their subconscious, mind, and their body. She works with entrepreneurs and with people who have difficult childhoods. She has been working on her own trauma for 36 years. She would earn $300000 a year, and then she’d pay it back by working at McDonald’s. After 37 years of doing her process work, I discovered something for my mother’s mother that was running me that I never discovered before. It’s not all one and done. Everything is healable. Everything can be repaired. It can be detestable.

[00:07:34] – A month ago. Something was bothering me since when I was six. It was my father’s fear when we moved from New York to Baltimore. And it wasn’t mine. I had a client who had an anger management issue, and it turned out to be his father’s anger.

[00:08:42] – This technique is important to me. I call it the magnet technique. I would do both sets of grandparents and stepparents and sometimes siblings. I had one guy go through twelve in a row about two weeks ago. He had taken in a lot of energy. It’s not one and done.

[00:10:26] – It’s disheartening because there are so many people that are carrying such a heavy load from their parents, grandparents, society and their own situations. It shows up in their health in their business and it’s heartening because many people still say “get over it“.

[00:13:03] – There are different ways to get rid of anxiety. The first step is to notice where you feel something in your body and ask yourself, how old was the first time you had that feeling? And where was the person you were with at the time? The second step is the release of tension. The third step is guided imagery. The fourth step is working with nerve endings. The most common thing with perfectionism is the need to be perfect for loved ones. The first time I criticized my father in therapy, I had a total meltdown for the entire weekend. There are different ways to work with that. One of them is the magnet technique. The other is talking to the younger parts of you. Sometimes children need their parents to be perfect in order to be loved. They need someone to recast their parents as someone they know and love, or a spiritual figure or a character from a TV show, book or movie, or celebrity to do that.

[00:24:43] – There is a glass ceiling that we create for ourselves through the things that we’ve been through. Some of them are from trauma and things we’ve experienced. For example, she wanted to be a social worker, but she’s back in school, working on her degree in psychology, and she’s been having problems in the last few semesters.” this is such an amazing episode. I want you to go back and take good notes. Get index cards and notebooks and write things down. I have this bigger mission of helping people heal from trauma and things like that. Let the studio audience know how they can reach out to you if they need more information and where they can find the book.

[00:32:13] – Mahesh Grossman is a hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis to help people recover from trauma. Mahesh has written a book and a course called “divert Trauma Detox “. He also has a quiz to see how hypnotizable he is.

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