How to Retire and Not Die with Dr. Ron Kaiser

Are you dealing with any of this? 1. You will feel unhappy with your appearance as you age. 2. You will become more susceptible to age-related health problems. 3. You will find it harder to maintain your current level of fitness and health. In this episode, How can you stay healthy and active as you age? The science of aging may have the answer.

“We now know that people can live in good health with good minds and healthy bodies well into advanced years.”

Dr. Ron Kaiser is a positive health psychologist and coach who specializes in helping people to age with enthusiasm. He is the author of “Rejuvenating: The Art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm” and the creator of the Mental Health Gym.

This is Dr. Ron Kaiser’s story…

I recently interviewed Dr. Ron Kaiser on my podcast, Speak Easy. He’s a positive health psychologist and coach, and he’s also quite old. He’s developed the concept of rejuvenating, which he defines as the art and science of growing older with enthusiasm. Dr. Ron shared with me that the first thing many people think when they start to think about aging is that they’re too old to change. But he says that’s not true! We now have the science to know that if we stay active in four main areas – healthy eating, owning our bodies, keeping our minds active, and staying socially connected – we can live in good health with good minds and healthy bodies well into our advanced years. I loved hearing from Dr. Ron and learning about all the

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. The science of aging – what can be done to stay healthy and active as we get older? 2. The importance of staying mentally and physically active as we age. 3. The importance of social connection in maintaining our health as we age.


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Chapter Summaries:
[00:00:02] – #SpeakEasy podcast is going to be rejuvenating. According to the host. He gets excited about all his interviews because he gets the best guess from the interviews. He doesn’t know what another podcast you may listen to. None of them have been amazing.

[00:00:30] – Doctor Ron will be a guest on the show today. He will talk about the topic of aging and the things that come along with it. Dr. Ron is 42 and she had a blood transfusion at the hospital last year. And the doctor said something about the theme of older women.

[00:01:45] – Doctor Ron is a positive health psychologist and coach. He has been working in the headache field for a long time. He believes that people can live in good health with good minds and healthy bodies well into their old age. He developed the concept of rejuvenating.

[00:05:19] – Aging is not magic. And it’s not all about genetics. It’s about healthy eating, exercise, adequate sleep, keeping the mind active, and staying socially connected. Loneliness in the older age range is a big killer, like obesity, smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle.

[00:07:38] – A mental health gym is a place where people can improve their mental health. It’s similar to a gym where people are working on self-improvement. It can be as simple as going for a walk, reading meditating, taking in the scenery, and appreciating the good in the world. Innovative learning is good for the brain. The current generation doesn’t read as much as the older generations did, so there are other ways for people to learn than brain-stimulating brain games, as we were taught in the past.

[00:15:13] – The first concern that people have is at some point that they are too old to change their ways. The brain can develop throughout the entire lifespan, and you want to keep the brain going. When COVID-19 started, the worst place you could be was in a facility with other old people who were vulnerable to health problems.

[00:17:43] – The most recent book that Dr. Ron has read is failure is not an Option by David Rosell, a book on retirement written by a guy who visited 75 countries and climbed the Himalayas. The podcast host reads books about many different things and listens to guests who have books.

[00:19:22] – Gary bought a book called How to Retire and Not Die by Gary. He’s worked with finance for 40 years. And he worked with retirement for 20 years. Gary’s wife and he live near their grandkids. He encourages people to grow old early.

[00:22:10] – Dr. Ron’s book is called” Rejuvenaging the Art and Science of growing older with enthusiasm”. The book is available on Amazon and also on Ron works at a mental health gym called and he’s available to respond to any emails.

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