PK Struggles Stephanie Bigelow’s Journey of Overcoming Time and Circumstance

When Stephanie Bigelow returns to the faith she abandoned in her adolescence, she discovers the irony of her upbringing as a Preacher’s Kid, inspiring her to write a book that helps her fellow PK’s overcome the trials of life, time, and circumstance.

“Life is really 5% what happens to you, but it’s 95% how you respond.” – Dr. Stephanie Bigelow

Stephanie Bigelow is a Bay Area California native, PK, and graduate of the University of Phoenix. She has worked in the healthcare industry for 20+ years and is married to two brilliant young adults. She recently wrote a book about her journey as a Preacher’s Kid.

Stephanie Bigelow was born and raised in the Bay Area, California, growing up in a ministry family. She learned that life is 95% how you respond to the 5% that happens to you and that trials don’t discriminate. She was inspired to write a book about her journey to help others in similar situations. Stephanie believes her book will be helpful to young preacher’s kids who feel like they have to put on a mask in public but can be themselves at home. She encourages them to work out their own soul salvation and to remember that whatever drives them to their knees, even if it’s the same Lord, it’s for their goodness.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. What foundational principles do we need to tap into to redefine our lives and relationships?
2. How writing a book can be therapeutic and reflective of our own life journey.
3. How can preachers’ kids (PKs) learn to work out their own soul salvation in a world where they don’t have much control?


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