Breaking Communication: Understanding How Word Vomit and Silence Can Hinder Our Success

In this episode of The #Speakeasy Podcast, Altovise explores how a breakdown in communication between entrepreneurs, relationships, marriages, finances, and children can be mended by mastering active, visual communication and uncovering the power of soundbites.
In this episode, it was discussed how communicating has changed due to people wanting everything to be quick and digestible, how we’re not taught in school effective communication skills, and how to separate ourselves from narcissists and pretenders. It was also discussed how to make sure that what we say is being properly understood, using soundbites, and how to make sure we are getting meaningful feedback from people. Podcast interviews are a great way to market and reach people who are looking for more than just a snack.

“Sometimes we need silence to digest some things. Sometimes we use silence as a tool in order for us to hurry the conversation along. We use it as a tool to protect ourselves from the potential devastation of where this conversation is going.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. What does breaking communication in business, relationships, marriages, finances, and parenting look like in the modern world?
2. How can we become better communicators by understanding the importance of nonverbal communication, sound bites, and eye contact?
3. How do entrepreneurs effectively communicate with people with different backgrounds and language to ensure understanding?

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