Elevating Your Training Overcoming the Fear with Diana L. Howles


In this podcast episode, Diana L. Howles, a virtual coaching and training specialist, strives to equip her audience with the skills to have crucial conversations, even as she finds herself challenged to engage them in a virtual setting.

“When you focus on the other, you focus on, in this case, the audience or your learners, it’s not about you. It’s about whatever you can do with the platform, with the tools, with your content, with your instructional design to help them do something, which would be your goals, right. Your learning outcomes.” – Diana Howles

Diana L. Howles is the founder of Howles Associates, a virtual coaching and training company, and the author of two books, “Next Level Virtual Training: Advance Your Facilitation” and “Resilient Women in Life and Business”.

Diana L. Howles had spent years perfecting her craft of virtual training and coaching. When the pandemic hit, she saw an opportunity to help others with this new form of learning. She had learned to focus on her learners, not herself, and used small tasks to get them involved and engaged. Diana found that introverts were more vocal in virtual training, allowing them to have a voice and place in the class. Despite the difficulty of virtual learning, Diana was inspired by the challenge of creating new connections and was thrilled when her book, Next Level Virtual Training, won an award.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How virtual training has evolved in the past 20 years
2. Tips for engaging learners in virtual training
3. How the pandemic has reset the educational system and opened up new tools for learning.


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