Exploring Self Discovery with Shatoyia Jones Challenging Societal Norms


With a lifetime of poverty-reduction, performance art, and belly-dancing experience, Shatoyia Jones is on a mission to empower women, challenge beauty standards, and reclaim the true history of her community, all while inspiring a new generation of risk-takers.

“Take the risk to fight for a work culture that actually is a culture for work, not one that becomes your life. Don’t be afraid to explore and challenge what you’ve been given, and study for yourself to know what you’re capable of.”

Shatoyia Jones is the founder and creative director of Keno Woman Finishing School. She has dedicated her career to poverty reduction, wealth education and opportunity access, and is a performance artist. She is passionate about empowering women and restoring the true history of African and African American culture.

Shatoyia Jones was determined to challenge the beauty standards that had been set by European men and to learn more about her own history. She studied and questioned, determined to break the cycle of being silenced and to discover who she really was. She encouraged others to take risks, to explore, and to challenge societal norms, seeing the potential in multiple generations to learn from each other. She was determined to learn and to share her knowledge so that all could benefit from the true history and excellence of women.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. Understanding the Value of a Woman: What is the biblical perspective on divine femininity, and how has this been historically expressed?
2. Exploring Multi-Generational Learning: How can we leverage the knowledge and experience of multiple generations to maximize our potential for excellence?
3. Unlocking Access to Resources: How can new technologies and social media be used to create a higher quality of life with more time for loved ones?


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