World Voice League is an expanding community of female Speakers who are determined to share their knowledge in order to create business opportunities, change legacies and be the change that is needed globally. Each member has either started a business or wants to start a business that they can use to create social change in one of these five areas: Childhood Abuse, Domestic Violence, Human Sex Trafficking, Homelessness, and Poverty.

It takes a village, so the World Voice League has become the Virtual Community Center of Hope in a time where people need it most. With live events, an annual virtual summit, digital resources, and a virtual accountability community, there are opportunities for personal development and business growth. The glue that holds it together is the phrase “Each One Teach One” which allows community members to do a live expert training.

Each February we hold the World Voice Summit, a month-long virtual summit of international speakers who want to empower and educate globally. Speakers have backgrounds that range from Heath & Wellness to Real Estate and Investing. We pride ourselves in presenting a “no fluff” platform where attendees are able to access REAL and RELEVANT strategies.

The World Voice League strives to be a SAFE space for female speakers to do the inner work to be able to SHIFT their revenue.

There is someone waiting to hear your voice in the world! Register TODAY! Open enrollment is the 15th of every month.

Visibility creates success and you want success…right?

When I decided to rebrand my business in 2016 I had a goal of wanting to be successful. Successful at what…I wasn’t 100% sure. So, like many others, I jumped feet first into speaking, published my first book, and created courses. As a woman in business, I rebranded at a time when the coaching industry was booming.

Everyone had a class

Everyone had a strategy

Everyone had a membership

Everyone had a book

…or at least that is how it felt. After that first year, I found a gap, more like a canyon, that women in business were falling into. There was an avalanche of courses, books, and memberships but people did not have the visibility to sell what they had. While people were excited about flyers and logos they were not making money after spending hours creating digital products and content.

The GRID was birthed with this in mind. A small mastermind that takes women in business through a 12 module course to maximize visibility. Beyond creating products, the GRID puts women in a position to tap into philanthropy, generating additional revenue, and building valuable collaborations.

It’s time you joined the GRID!

Register TODAY!!! 

**Cohort opens on February 1st & August 1st**