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You are valuable! No explanation, no extras…no filters! #catchit

— Altovise Pelzer, Women’s Empowerment Speaker

As a woman, I know the impact that one voice can have on other women. In 2019, I set out to highlight personal stories and business triumphs from women you know and some you will want to know.

Your voice is powerful as well and I want people to hear it!

Women are doing great things to make an impact in the world and I believe that it is time to start acknowledging that more. The #OurVoiceMatters blog feature post creates an environment to educate and empower the readers in order to impact social change. Each one can reach and the #OurVoiceMatters blog is here to broaden that reach.

#OurVoiceMatters Blog

Signs That Your Emotions Control You with Roz Jones

Signs That Your Emotions Control You with Roz Jones Emotions by themselves are neither good nor bad. They just are. It is how you allow your emotions to influence your thoughts and actions that is important. Awareness and understanding of your feelings can help ensure that you control your feelings and that they aren’t controlling…

Let’s Get Engaged with Lisa Ryan

Right now, engagement is the big thing that is driving decisions. Whether it is engagement on a post, engagement through a video, or engagement through an event, it drives the revenue in your business. Consistent engagement is a positive force in getting in front of the clients and customers that you are looking for. What…

Your Voice Can Make a Difference with Elizabeth Power

I wanted—at the very least—a quiet, calm, centered life where my voice mattered and made a difference. I want you to hear me: your voice matters. As a woman, chances are you came—at some point—to believe you didn’t count. That you should be silent. That you were somehow “less than.” If you are a woman…

A Glimpse Into the Mind of a Writer by Sharon CassanoLochman

A glimpse into the mind of a writer— I am an origami butterfly fashioned from silk paper. Splashed with colors boldly hued. Crumpled and torn edges from the elements and time. Painfully tender from injuries suffered by friends and family. Hidden behind false layers. My sorrow watered with unfragrant memories and fresh tears. I am…

The Conversations That Matter For Customers with Jim Karrh

Customer service has shifted considerably over the years but the heart of customer service has remained the same. ~ Create a customer experience that creates repeat customers The World Wide Web…www for everyone under 35…has made the customer service experience automated in many industries. Bots respond to messages and you can speak with some live…

Nervous about public speaking? You’re not alone by Anne Bonney

“The fact is, you’re there to present some information so they’re smarter, stronger, better, or better prepared to make a decision on something.” Nervous about public speaking?  You’re not alone!  A fear of public speaking is one of the top fears of Americans next to snakes and flying!  The stats are fine and good, but…


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