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You are valuable! No explanation, no extras…no filters! #catchit

— Altovise Pelzer, Women’s Empowerment Speaker

As a woman, I know the impact that one voice can have on other women. In 2019, I set out to highlight personal stories and business triumphs from women you know and some you will want to know.

Your voice is powerful as well and I want people to hear it!

Women are doing great things to make an impact in the world and I believe that it is time to start acknowledging that more. The #OurVoiceMatters blog feature post creates an environment to educate and empower the readers in order to impact social change. Each one can reach and the #OurVoiceMatters blog is here to broaden that reach.

#OurVoiceMatters Blog

Moments of motivation with Emmanuel Aginam

You see that nagging feeling you have about the fact that they don’t respect you, Or your boundaries, Or your choices, Or your own desires (the one you reaaaaaally want but they keep ignoring), Or your voice- the fact that it matters but it doesn’t seem so. That feeling is actually a pointer… That it…

Daily African Proverb with Simon Okelo

“When the branches of trees in the forest are fighting, the roots are kissing.” ~ Senegal Today in the Daily Arican Proverbs room on Clubhouse, Simon shared this Senegalese proverb. “When the branches of trees in the forest are fighting, the roots are kissing.” It hit a cord for me because I immediately thought of…

Building a Stronger Body Everyday

“I’ve learned to appreciate my body, because it’s taken me all the way here and will take me to the end.” – Clémentine Desseaux I’ll admit it, I gained the Covid 19. That is the 19lbs that many were saying that they gained as a result of less activity and unhealthy eating habit. It’s the snacks…

The Cathedral of Holy Rosary celebrates Holi with inter-community bonding and message of peace with Abhijit Ganguly

    The Cathedral of the Most Holy Rosary, Burrabazar, Kolkata, today celebrated Holi festivities by organizing an inter-community goodwill gathering to spread the message of humanity, peace and environmental awareness in the presence of representatives professing different faiths – Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism. The event was formally flagged off by Chief Guest, Mr…

Living Sustainably Through Homegrown Foods with Marjory Wildcraft

Are you ready to take on the opportunity to create a healthy atmosphere for you and your community? Growing your own food in your backyard is one of the best ways to eat healthily and live a healthy lifestyle. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Marjory Wildcraft, an expert on sustainable…


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