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It’s Okay to Cry 

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Difficult situations have a way of defining the type of life that you live. The molestation that happened when you were younger that you haven’t told anyone about or the deep-rooted reason why your marriage ended in divorce connected to your childhood? How about the devastation your family endured when you were evicted or when you lost a loved one to cancer? Altovise shares testimonies of the tools she used to PRESS through each difficult situation coupled with biblical testimonies displaying the victory that is within your PRESS. You have what you need to #KeepPRESSing!



Define Your Voice


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Define Your Voice is the journey I went through in 2016 to Define, Accept and Use my Unique Voice. I rebranded my business, set a path to leave my full-time job (I was able to leave the following year) and launched three books. All of that is great but what stands out more is that during this time I had been evicted from my home, lost custody of my sister, was living paycheck to paycheck at a full-time job all as a single mom.

I developed the Define Your Voice method in the midst of learning and growing from my own mistakes. There is definitely something that can help you push through in this book. So I decided to offer the ebook for free.



Plug In: 25 Power Networking Tips for Introvert, Startups and the Success Obsessed 


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I’m sure that you have heard it time and time again: Knowing the right person can open unlimited opportunities – that is why tapping into your personal networking power is so important. Mastering this skill goes well beyond showing up to a mixer with a hand full of business cards eating cheese and drinking. (Although, I am not one to turn those down)

When you are strategic, networking does not have to be the daunting image of a room full of people in suits shoving business cards in your hand. Instead, you can have a networking experience from real life events like showing up at a little league meeting. There is also a way for you to make the most out of every networking event whether you are the wallflower or the life of the party.

Make real-life connections

Build a branded networking community

Get the clients you want

Increase your business revenue

These can be accomplished through power networking. What better way to learn some power networking tips than from an introvert who has successfully networked her way onto podcasts and stages. In the pages of this book, you’ll find her personal art form of networking towards success.

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