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Altovise is an introverted entrepreneur that launched, stumbled, and learned how to manage entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, and being a single mom. Her failure led her to start conversations with CEOs and entrepreneurs about the good, the bad, and the ugly when you first start a business. (Or, when you first try to start a business) She has written and co-authored multiple best-selling books including her first book, “It’s Okay to Cry” – and now, in this podcast, Altovise brings you the conversations that can help you to launch, stumble less and learn. Can you become a successful entrepreneur? New episodes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Zylo Marshall Restarting Life After Setbacks – Challenges of a Disabled Entrepreneur The #SpeakEasy Podcast

Disability does not mean inferiority – don't let it keep you from succeeding and achieving your goals. "Don't let disability be taken advantage of – disability shouldn't stop you from achieving success, no matter the challenges you face." Zylo Marshall is a 47-year-old realtor and disability advocate who went through the windshield of a car at 11 months old in 1976 and grew up with a brain injury. He is passionate about speaking up for those with disabilities and sharing his story of resilience and determination. Zylo Marshall, 47, had been living with a disability and brain injury since a car accident as an infant. After becoming a realtor, he lost his business due to fraud and corruption. He seeks to spread awareness of the challenges people with disabilities face and to work against them being taken advantage of because of their disability. Despite setbacks and facing rejection, he was able to find support and use his experiences to become successful. He now works to spread his message and help those with disabilities have a chance to make it out there without being taken advantage of. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. Exploring the challenges disabled people face due to fraud and corruption. 2. Examining the difficulties of navigating life with a disability. 3. Examining the challenges of parenting a child with autism. Resources: Connect with me:  Instagram: LinkedIn: Website: Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating on your favorite podcasting platform.
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