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Altovise is an introverted entrepreneur that launched, stumbled, and learned how to manage entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, and being a single mom. Her failure led her to start conversations with CEOs and entrepreneurs about the good, the bad, and the ugly when you first start a business. (Or, when you first try to start a business) She has written and co-authored multiple best-selling books including her first book, “It’s Okay to Cry” – and now, in this podcast, Altovise brings you the conversations that can help you to launch, stumble less and learn. Can you become a successful entrepreneur? New episodes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

”Social Education: A Fireside Chat with Lyle Benjamin” The #SpeakEasy Podcast

Struggling with his tumultuous home life, Lyle Benjamin's goal to repay the debt of those who helped him leads him on a mission to introduce civility, kindness, and social education into schools, confronting an educational system that fails to prepare students for the real world. "Don't wait until you're educated up the Yang Yang, okay? That's not going to help. Plant the seeds of kindness and civility so that the mindset will follow, and be perseverant, consistent, and persistent in your actions to make an impact on the world." Lyle Benjamin is the founder of three nonprofit educational organizations: 16 Things Kids Can Do, planned acts of Kindness and One Planet, one People. He has dedicated his life to helping people, and works to promote civility, kindness and social education in schools. Lyle Benjamin had a difficult home life growing up, so he started working at 11 years old to get away. People took an interest in him, which had a major impact, and he wanted to repay that debt by helping people. He was determined to make a difference in the world, so he created three non-profit educational organizations to focus on social education. He learned how to create change through planned acts of kindness, and his programs have reached individuals from all backgrounds. He encourages people to take action and make an impact on the world, no matter the size of their goals. Lyle Benjamin is determined to show that anyone can make a difference and create positive change for society. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. How to introduce civility and kindness into schools. 2. How to create collaboration between scientific, business, government and academic groups to solve global issues. 3. How to create a system of volunteer success programs for individuals and organizations. Resources: Connect with me:  Instagram: LinkedIn: Website: Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating on your favorite podcasting platform.
  1. ”Social Education: A Fireside Chat with Lyle Benjamin”
  2. Breaking Communication: Understanding How Word Vomit and Silence Can Hinder Our Success
  3. A Posture of Perseverance
  4. Don’t Get Drunk off the Cheat Code
  5. PK Struggles Stephanie Bigelow’s Journey of Overcoming Time and Circumstance

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