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Altovise is an introverted entrepreneur that launched, stumbled, and learned how to manage entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, and being a single mom. Her failure led her to start conversations with CEOs and entrepreneurs about the good, the bad, and the ugly when you first start a business. (Or, when you first try to start a business) She has written and co-authored multiple best-selling books including her first book, “It’s Okay to Cry” – and now, in this podcast, Altovise brings you the conversations that can help you to launch, stumble less and learn. Can you become a successful entrepreneur? New episodes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

A Posture of Perseverance The #SpeakEasy Podcast

What does it mean to have a posture of perseverance as an entrepreneur? While it may not be a term that you’ve heard before, it is a term that is very relevant in entrepreneurship. The mountains, valleys, and desert places can be part of your journey. In this episode, Altovise shares why a posture of perseverance has kept her afloat through all the shifts and changes in business. From business coaching and consulting, to becoming an influencer on Amazon, Altovise has seen her fair share of difficulties in business. She evens shares about what it felt like to launch with zero signups. Connect with Altovise: Let me know how this episode resonates with you by leaving us a review on your favorite podcasting platform.
  1. A Posture of Perseverance
  2. Don’t Get Drunk off the Cheat Code
  3. PK Struggles Stephanie Bigelow’s Journey of Overcoming Time and Circumstance
  4. Rebuilding Confidence Frances Jones’ Journey to Overcome the Emotional Stigmas of Infertility
  5. Samantha Card Moving from Pain to Power Through an Unexpected Transition from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship

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