This past weekend I had the opportunity to be apart of the Life, Legacy & Leadership Teleconference. It was a great experience and I was able to share some great nuggets about PRESSing into your leadership role. We all have attributes that make us a leader in some area of our lives be it home, school, work, church or the community.

So, why aren’t we leading? 

Simply put, you are not investing in your leadership qualities. Something in your past is overshadowing the leader that you were meant to be. This past weekend, I shared how what we have to offer is similar to being a blood donor because there is someone who needs what you have to survive. Your testimony is their blueprint to victory. Blood transfusions have evolved to the point where the blood can be separated and doctors can utilize the exact part that is needed for a patient. This is why there is such a demand for blood donors just like there is a high demand for leaders.

The blood that you are donating is your wisdom, creativity, passion and empowerment. What have you overcome? What victories have you seen in your life? Oh don’t act like you don’t have any moments that made you shout or run around the church. You know the ones. The answered prayers or the obstacles that God illuminated on your path. Yup……that is the blood you are donating. There is someone awaiting a blood transfusion from your donation.

Not everyone is called into full time ministry but everyone is called to adding souls to the kingdom. That is where your donation comes from. From serving at church to writing a book, there are many ways that you can donate to help someone. It can be you doing a weekly prayer call or you speaking into the life of a young person. Donate, donate, donate!! Your testimony is necessary for someone else’s deliverance.





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