Your Voice Matters

My name is Altovise Pelzer, and I know the impact that one voice can have. My goal is to spotlight women’s personal and business triumphs and cultivate a community that supports one another along the way.

Becoming #Unmuted

I am an author, speaker, community leader, podcast host, and more. Join a community of extraordinary women as we let our voices be heard.

#OurVoiceMatters Blog

The blog aims to educate and empower readers in order to impact social change.

The #Speakeasy Podcast

The podcast hosts conversations with CEOs and entrepreneurs to support professional growth.


This community supports female speakers and activist looking to creating lasting social change.

#Unmuted: Strategies to Move From Tragedy to Triumph

My new book compiles the stories of nine women to show the world how to become #unmuted!

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About Me

I’m an award-winning small business trainer, author, and speaker. I educate and empower small business owners to create their own business model using live stream, social media, and their personal story.

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