Just because you don’t see it yet! 

Drop the mic!
Simple because you haven’t seen it yet….

A lot of times we get stuck. We’re in our mindset, stuck in our place of comfort simply because we haven’t seen what it looks like on the other side yet. Some of stay in a position of not moving forward because we don’t know what the future looks like. 

I’ve put together classes for people to learn the process, tips and techniques of public Speaking. The top response that I get on my discovery calls is that people don’t believe that they can be a public speaker. They don’t see a clear picture of what that could look like for them. They don’t know if they have what it takes. So what are we really looking at when we see people that have become successful speakers? 

Professional paid speakers have stepped out even when they didn’t know how it would turn out. Reality check……everything will not always be the perfect fit. Some things will not work out as planned but they took the initiative to move. Just because you don’t know what it may feel like to stand on stage with a mic in your hand doesn’t mean it’s not for you. Like any other profession, public speaking has to be looked at as a career choice. That means that there are things that will need to be put in place like any other job or career and that includes training. 

I’ve seen the results of people deciding to start. From clients sharing that they were already a speaker and that they just didn’t know that it could be a career to those who said that didn’t have anything to talk about……getting started is the key ingredient. They didn’t see how it could be used to enhance their purpose. Potential and opportunity right before our eyes but we don’t always see it. Networking, collaboration and teamwork.

Simply because you haven’t seen it……doesn’t mean it can’t or doesn’t exist. You are breathing right now..I hope. You don’t see the air that you are breathing. If something or someone cut off your air you would definitely miss it. Sometimes we are so feel horrible at our jobs because purpose and creativity are like air to us and is gets cut off by corporate meetings and pay to play policies. We aren’t able to tap into something that can make us successful. 

The other puzzle peace that is missing is that we won’t do the research to see what greater looks like. We have a perception of success that has been distorted by social media and photoshopped pictures. That’s where we need to connect with people who give us a visual of the success we want to have. The classes, the right information and circle we are in. It’s time to move towards success. 

Simply because we haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So how will you change what you have been seeing? How will you spark that creativity? How will you move out of your comfort zone? 

Are you ready to sign up to become a speaker? Drop the mic!

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