Time to Reboot!

How often do you reboot? Concerning you business, your family and your life, a reboot is often necessary but overlooked. We don’t see the need to reset our mindset, our words, our goals and our vision. In a simpliar description we need to revive ourselves and the   future we want to see.

So I was at my full time job one Saturday morning, yes I use to have a full time job, and the electricity went out due to high wind gusts. No big deal. I’ve had it happen before so I simply rebooted the main PC and kept pressing forward. Well when I looked at the register, the whole screen was blue.   I was a little confused because usually when we reboot the main PC the register resets as well. Well not today! I had to do a separate reboot for the register. Oh what fun , right?

This led me to think about two things when it comes to rebooting ourselves.

  • Why do we only reboot when negative situations happen?

When we think about rebooting a computer, we see that it happens on a daily basis in order for important information to be communicated to corporate. Yet when it comes to rebooting our own lives or our businesses we often only reboot when a major event knocks us off track just like when the high wind gusts knocked out the electricity.

Get in the habit of rebooting in order to see the best results and track your progress. How do you reboot? Take an hour a day, either turn off your phone or put it on do not disturb. Unplug from everything. For you that may mean taking a walk, reading a book, taking a nap or just sitting silence. Let your body, mind and soul rest.

  • We rebooted one area of our lives thinking that any other area will reboot as well.
  • Okay so we have this mindset that when we just get our weight together……..EVERYTHING will be okay. Oh or if we just get a raise at the job then EVERYTHING would work out fine. Um, sorry to say this but life doesn’t work that way. There are always things for us to work on and change.
  • Here is the thing………we are not perfect and that’s okay. There will be many mistakes but as long as we are committed to growing then we are okay. Reboots are a great way to clear our mind, clear out bad habits and restructure our focus. It’s not surgery…………it’s self love.
  • So how does that work in business? Easy, now is the time when you see what’s working and what is not. Clear out unnecessary apps and documents. Reboot your mindset, your money and even you personal life. Take a look at that budget that you haven’t used in months.
  • Start fresh as if it is January. (No matter when you may be reading this)
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