Don’t believe the hype!

There are many limiting beliefs that distract us from moving at our highest potential. Lies we learned from other people who are comfortable with accepting the bare minimum. The beliefs that keep us from asking for the amount we deserve and leaves us with what someone else says we are worth.

I get it though! I was that person. I wouldn’t send back food that wasn’t cooked the way I asked. Oh, and I allowed people to negotiate prices in my business when I know they don’t go to Walmart and negotiate. And this often leaves entrepreneurs broke and broken.

So where does it originate? I feel there are five key areas that cause a huge negative impact on our businesses and lives. These five areas have been tainted from our childhood into adulthood from family, society, social media and ourselves.

Break free from believing the lies

Lies about your future

Lies about community

Lies about money

Lies about family

Lies about your gifts

Now I’m not sharing these statements as excuses for you to not move forward. That is not how we improve. We improve by first recognizing the lies and next taking the steps to change them.

Now that you know what the lies are what actions will you take to change them and press it out?


Check out the replay of the #morningpress where I talked more about this => Don’t Believe the HYPE!



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        Thanks for that.

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