Are you experiencing a problem communicating your message? Tandee A. Salter

Do you often find yourself in a place where you are struggling to connect with your audience? Or in a place where you are connecting with people who you do not want to work with?


This often happens when we fail to show up as our authentic selves. What happens is we get caught up in society and impostor syndrome so we don’t show up as who we really are.


Instead we show up as shells of ourselves. We show up covered in doubt, fear, and with a mask of protection on. We fear that if we show our true selves people will judge us and not want to do business with us.


But that is not the truth. When we show up as shells of ourselves, weput a stop to effective communication. We stop ourselves from being able to truly communicate the message in our hearts.


Yet when you find yourself your are able to show up in an authentic way. And this is when you are able to have the greatest impact. You are able to speak from your heart and walk in your truth. You no longer have to remember which mask your wore for each person met.


And this is where effective communication starts. This is where you are able to connect who you are with what you do and who you serve. This is where you are able to draw your audience in and connect with those you are meant to serve.


As you show up as yourself, your potential clients see you are a real person who understands them. They see you as a genuine and trustworthy person.


You see marketing as nothing to do with making people do what you want to do. It is all about showing up as your authentic self, and delivering value. It is about allowing them to make decisions based on what they need and know about you.


For help with learning how to communicate in a more authentic way, visit to sign up for Authentic Influence, the marketing membership created for entrepreneurs like you who are ready to show up authentically and increase their level of influence.







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