The Leading Voice Chat – The female voice on Ayesha Curry, new Abortion laws in Georgia, Kaavi James launch and Facebook bans


The internet has been buzzing this week with some pretty heavy topics that directly affect the female population. Yet….most of the commentary has come from the men. Well that was until the Leading Voice Chat came around. Four female podcasters came together to discuss Ayesha Curry, new Abortion laws in Georgia, the Kaavi James launch and Facebook bans.

When you look at it all………it makes your head spin. Some key takeaways were:

Each person’s journey will be different so attempting to lump people into a stigma NEVER works.
That whole celebrity lifestyle is something else…..ain’t it?
We see the how the Facebook ban brought some together and simply made others act a whole fool
EVERYONE needs a boost to their confidence every now and again.
The Woman’s voice is one that is ridiculed, ignored and given little to no value
The discussion covered some very tough topics but these ladies came together and shared their personal experiences to help the next woman know that her voice is powerful. We may not know the women personally but we definitely know their stories. It is like many of our own. We hope that you feel empowered to share your story as well.


Altovise Pelzer is the host of the #SpeakEasy Podcast. As a speaker, author and coach she empowers women to find and use their voice after abuse. Founder of the World Voice League, a virtual community of female speakers coming together to impact social change.

Tandee Salter is the host of the Tandee Salter Show podcast. She is a copywriter for female speakers who are writing books, using email marketing and learning how to convert listeners to clients. Tandee utilizes her experience in management and in call centers to help you build a virtual and in person persona that matches your vision and mission.

Suzette Vearnon is the host of the Enough Factor Podcast. She is an author, speaker, life coach and relationships solutionist. This creator of the MusicMath Approach of Dating and Relating is helping high achieving women redefine what makes them enough in life and in love..on their own terms.

Dorothea Robinson is the host of LADV Live: Life After Domestic Violence. She is the exit strategist that empowers and equips women to get out of their Intimate Partner Violent relationship. As a victor over domestic violence, she links women with an exit strategy, local resources, support and strategies to build a business after they are out.


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