What doing a Virtual Summit with 100+ speakers taught me………about everything.

I can’t believe it! I’m was in total shock!!!!

When my team told me that we had over 100 speakers for the Inaugural World Voice Virtual Summit I thought she was joking. I mean…..100 + speakers on one platform…..crazy right?

I hope you were there for the outtakes and laughter as well as the loads of information that was shared to have your voice heard this year.

That is not ALL! (This blew my mind)

We already have speakers looking to secure their spot for next year!

Oh and it gets better…….really it does.

Speakers will be highlighted over on our IG so you can check them out and connect => Instagram

Not to mention all the important lessons I learned about business, family and personal development. Honestly, I see how people fail to scale their business. It happens each times someone doesn’t take full advantage of an opportunity. They would much rather take advantage of people.


When given an opportunity, you would think that most people would show up ready to take full advantage. Heck you would think people would at least show up! This isn’t the case and I had to eat a huge slice of disappointment pie during the summit. We connected with many different speakers and all were eager to e apart of such a powerful event. Oh but behind the scenes, my team was getting the run around


See, we offered 15 minute slots for absolutely free. You read that right and we know that it is a 50/50 chance of true commitment when people get things for free. Oh, but not speakers right? They are hustlers and grinders for opportunities. Well Maury said that he determined that was a lie. Don’t get discouraged tho. I found that there are many more speakers who are hustlers an grinders than there are who are not. Business requires you to leave your comfort zone in order to find the things that will make you successful.



I know I called them family but I am actualy referring to my team. There is something to be said about having the right team when you are doing something big. They caught things that I had missed and pushed me in moments when I was exhausted. Almost like weekend at Bernie’s without me being dead. Oh but even family needs some time off and the opportunity to recoup. As a leader we need to know three important things.


  1. When to delegate
  2. When to follow up
  3. When to shut up


Oh that last one may be just a little harsh but it is true. There will be moments when you need to listen more than you speak. It will do a world of good for your sanity as well as your business. I am a mover and shaker by nature so learning to do these things quickly made for an even more successful Virtual Summit. Well, my team definitely thinks so. lol


Personal Development

In moments when you are dealing with different time zones, different wifi connections and yes even different language barriers…….you learn some things about yourself. I do pretty well under pressure but not everyone can say the same. One of the key phrases I repeated to my team was “Document, smile and move forward”. Now this may sound like someone who just doesn’t want confrontation but it is actually deeper than that. I found myself giving people grace but also understanding that this is still a business.


As a reformed people pleaser, I had to take a step back and learn where I needed boundaries. You know what those boundaries made me do? It made me not defensive towards every offense. Hey…..things happen and often times with communication things can be rectified. When it can’t you learn from the mistake and move forward. We have become a society of grudge holders. I mean it has really gotten so bad that people go to their grave holding grudges against people for 20 – 40 years. Why? The need to feel justified or be told that we were right?


Well, I don’t have the mental or physical space for it so I had to nip it in the butt.


I know this seems like a lot to learn from doing a summit but I must say that I am glad that I did. Most people spend years trying to attain the wisdom I gained that month. Oh, and just to be clear…….this will be an annual event. You can join us over in the free Facebook community to be updated about next summit. => http://www.facebook.com/groups/worldvoiceleague


So have you been apart of a virtual summit or done your own summit?


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