Why People Quit Being a Speaker!

There are so many things that influence you to quit the journey and many times those situations are out of our control. Ultimately we are left with the daily decision of quitting or pressing forward. There is a running joke about entrepreneurs questioning if they will be a stripper day to day because of the struggles. Funny as it is, there is a lot of truth to that scenario. It gets even more intense when you add in being a single mom, being a full time entrepreneur as opposed to part time and bills! Oh ……… the many many bills! Sheesh………..it had be a battle to stay in the game.

One of the most valuable things to do is to determine what quitting will leave you with.

Quitting leaves us vulnerable to outside sources attempting to redefine who we should be

Quitting leaves our legacy collecting dust on a shelf

Quitting means we take our wisdom to the grave

Quitting creates a personal prison

This discussion takes an interesting turn when it comes to speakers. Many started with a burning desire to empower or educate others. That desire fades with bad business deals, non-payment, fears, life circumstances and yes even the dissatisfaction of other speakers. Oh, it gets real behind the scenes and many can share a tale or two about being ran across the coals by someone in the industry.

I have three pieces of advice for the speaker that is at their wits end….and they are




Dig your heels into your purpose and hold on for the ride. Take the bumps and bruises as lessons learned along the way so you don’t become bitter. Talk about what you are feeling and stop thinking that you have to have the perfect image. (Even if it may be with tears at times) Be you! Remember that there is someone who is waiting for you to be on that stage, on that platform and read that book.


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Altovise Pelzer is a Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, Live Streamer, Life Coach and founder of the World Voice League. She also hosts the #SpeakEasy Podcast, your #1 Podcast for unscripted perspectives on becoming and staying a successfully paid Author or Speaker. At her core, she is mom of four, will break out into impromptu dance parties, take a beach trip or read a book.

Homelessness and molestation greatly affected Altovise. She hit a turning point in her life after decades of being silent about her molestation story even after finding out both her girls were molested. This was the catalyst for her decision to motivate women to “Leverage Their Life’s Circumstances” by learning to love their voice. She takes women from abuse to applause by equipping them to Define, Accept and Use their Voice as a Speaker, Author or Entrepreneur.


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