Bold actions create these 3 ripples for entrepreneurs!

Have you taken a bold step forward recently? I know I did.

This past weekend we had a successful Love My Voice Tour stop in Atlanta, GA. Great feedback has come in from those who were in the room as well those who were there virtually. (That for always sparks a mix of emotions me)

Here is the bold step for me. I decided to add a New York stop to the Love my Voice Tour after we had already started the tour. Guess what happened when I took that leap. A current client who lives in the NY stepped up and started looking for locations. Within a few days we had a location and prices for a location in Brooklyn.

I started thinking about what making a bold move can do for us as entrepreneurs. I mean, being an entrepreneur is bold in itself but I mean bold moves for the business, our families and even ourselves. There are five things that I noticed almost immediately  when I made that bold move.


  • Bold moves shows you who is supporting you

This is similar to the process of sifting wheat I would suppose. Supportive people bring ideas to the table which prevents them from falling through the cracks. Not everyone will support you financially but they may be the one that consistently offers encouragement. It is vital to know who is truly supporting you and a bold move will be the way you can start that sifting process.


There are a few questions that should pop up when it comes to support.

  1. Are they only supporting you to get something out of you? (entourage)
  2. Is their support often short lived?
  3. Do they support you when you are not around?


You head is possibly starting to spin at this point. These are just three of the many questions you can ask yourself about those who support you. Think about it like the Beyhive. The Beyhive are fans that defend Beyonce, purchase from Beyonce and show up for Beyonce. One of the many fandoms you do NOT want to be going up against. If Beyonce never made her own album do you believe it would be as big and strong as they are?


  • Bold moves show you where your weak spots are located

Let’s be honest here…when you make a bold move you are putting the spotlight on your business. Other people tune in to see what you are doing, replicate what you are doing and yes, ridicule what you are doing. It’s almost like you turned on the camera of a new show starring you and your business. Don’t get nervous tho. This can be a good thing if you are a mature entrepreneur. (That is a whole other post)


During this time in the spotlight every part of your business is being critiqued. So that dust in the corner and that crack is the wall becomes in eye sore. The automation that doesn’t work and the mishandling of paperwork all come to light. This is the time to take a look at your business from the eyes of those on the other side. It may have a little sting at first but I think you can handle it.


  • Bold moves inspire others to make bold moves

When my client stepped up it made me smile. One of the things many have heard me say is that there are people that want to support you. That has been a staple for me throughout my journey. Learning to rely on others that really do want to help. I started looking at it as their seed in the ground. Do I want to block their blessing? Nope. I want it to come back to them many times over.

This is also a great opportunity for others to strengthen their skills. There have been a few that started out doing one thing within my company and moved on to something else. Do something for 20 hours a week really allows you to determine if it’s what you want to do for 40 hours. (Sometimes even more)

Go ahead and make some bold moves in your life.





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