Extraordinary Results as a Speaker start with _____________ and end with ___________ with Casey Eberhart


The average speaker looks for average opportunities and does the average amount of networking to get it. (If they get it at all) There are some things that become lost in translation when it comes to being a successfully paid speaker. Well, this episode is sure to remove the lies, the fear and the misunderstanding you had before today.

It’s about the conversation……………oh, yea it is. In a time when you are pushed to automate it all, you are missing the connections that can be made from networking. No, networking is not handing out five hundred business cards at an event with people who are there to do the exact same thing. It’s about the service you provide and the attitude in which you provide it.

Today’s guest is going to break it all the way down when it comes to three key areas.

Getting on Stages

Now two of these three may scare you for whatever the reason or maybe all three do. Ah, but knowing these skills will allow you to be strategic in your approach to being a successful speaker.


Grab hold of Casey Eberhart and hang on for dear life. Folks, he’s going places!
No matter what business you’re in, this internationally recognized speaker and trainer is someone you deserve to know. Why? Because Casey Eberhart has connections! He’s made it his mission over the years to collect and connect: he collects relationships and connects people, so they can do business together. He’s focused on your success. Entrepreneurs know this. Business Owners know this and so will you. An outward expression of his ability to draw people together, Casey’s events are among the fastest growing in the U.S.

He’s sought after as a Speaker, Consultant and Business Coach while leading countless leadership seminars across the nation. He is known for creating EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS for his clients.
His Coaching/Training/Accountability/Mastermind programmed called The Platinum Inner Circle creates massive results for the businesses that participate. With members in numerous verticals and locations the Inner Circle provides one of the most diverse results driven programs available anywhere in the world. The program is based on “From Vision to Profit, Having it all.”

Since the release of Stepping Stones to Success, a book he coauthored with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield, Casey has been turning heads in the training industry. His formulas are simple and easy to learn. An entrepreneur most of his life, Casey has a special affinity for saving businesses time and making them more profit. His training programs employ a series of easy to follow steps that will help you reach your true “AWESOMENESS” – whatever industry you’re in.
Sit back, buckle up and hear Casey roar. Sharpen your pencil. You’ll hang on every word.

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