Visual Brand Identity and online presence with Marshall Fox of 120 Design Studio


Branding is always such a hot topic when it comes to entrepreneurship. Did you realize that it is also very important for Speakers and Authors to understand branding as well? Most write books, speak on stages and launch things without a clear understanding of what their brand identity really is. In today’s episode, Marshall shares some the key elements of building a successful brand along with insight into how he was able to create his brand 120 Design studio.

Marshall dropped some gems about how he acquired his first clients and where you will see him next on his journey. He also shares insight on his appreciation of the first few clients that allowed him to do work for them. Service has and will continue to be a determining factor to your success.

Marshall is a graphic designer, brand consultant, and CEO of 120 Design Studio, LLC, one of the highest-rated graphic design agencies in the United States. His agency specializes in helping authors, speakers, coaches and solopreneurs in two major areas where they consistently fall short: their visual brand identity and online presence. His keen sense of design and attention to detail helps his clients increase brand awareness, credibility and sales.
In less than three years, Marshall has entered the graphic design space, helped over 300 clients and has built 120 Design Studio into a six-figure agency. Marshall and his team enjoy helping their clients ensure the quality of their visual brand matches the quality of their services, products, and other offerings. When Marshall isn’t sipping coffee and obsessing over color palettes, he’s spending time with his wife and four children.
Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook etc.)
Instagram: @marshallfox


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