Action will always be your greatest asset!

Action will always be your greatest asset!

Here is one of the photos from my first ever photo shoot when I started my business in 2014. (I’ll share a pic from some impromptu photos I took after a recent event in Philly at the bottom of this post)  During the first photo I was scared and unsure of what I had to offer and the second….well……I would love to say that I am no longer fearful but that would be a lie. The second photo is me taking bold action in the face of fear.

The difference you don’t see is that within four years I made necessary changes in some key areas.

* I got a coach that empowered me through words and action.

* I decided that fear could no longer steal from my legacy

* I failed forward……..learning lessons at every opportunity

* I learned that a “no” should initiate action

The interviews, the magazine features, the webinars, the live events, the books, the mastermind groups and even the #morningpress are only a glimpse into what I am getting ready to do! (Somebody will catch that later in the week….) It all goes back to the actions I took not only when people were watching but also when they weren’t there. I had courses where no one registered and yes even events with only a few tickets were sold. I still kept going!

Who else is ready to do it afraid? I have been adamant about sharing my journey every time I do an event or an interview. It has become like second nature now. I know you may still be quite nervous but don’t allow those nerves to stop you. Get started today.

I wish I would say that I have a fool proof plan or that I had the ultimate strategy to win over fear. Nope. Most of those are gimmicks to get you into someone’s funnel system. Instead I will give you the three things that I found helpful in taking consistent action.

1. Start each day with knowing where you are

So many people don’t know where they are financially or physically. Heck and if you ask someone where they are emotionally you will surely get the side eye. Knowing where you are gives you a better understanding of what you need in order to reach your goal for that day.

2. Get real accountability

Having the right accountability will give you a 94% chance of success. (That is a huge number right?) Well, I have found that many of us choose our accountability partner out of emotion, budget and fear. The combination is someone that is not 100% invested in your or your dreams.

3. Stop comparing your day one to someone else’s day 100

Social media…gotta love it right? People show off new cars, fancy trips and #relationship goals. The problem is that we don’t know how to tell the difference between the real and the fake. That is why I had to stop comparing my business to anyone else’s. My journey is different and my success will be different too. So will yours. Write out what success will be for you and read it each morning. (Before your daily Facebook and IG morning scroll)

It’s time to take action and start marking off the things that you put on your vision board.



Altovise Pelzer

Founder | World Voice League

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