Slay It, Don’t Break It by Cheryl Minnette

“Oh nooooo…WHY???”

“I hope I can do this. I hope I can do this.”

“Just a little more color from the palette would have helped.”


There are so many beautiful colors in the world, such a vast rainbow to observe. In addition to the many shades, you have your pales, your brights, your darks, and your lights. Any color, any hue that you can imagine is some type of blend. So what happens when the color choice is just one? One single color, with no other. No other color to compliment it. No other color to offset it. No other color to contrast with it. How does this single hue appear to you? 


For those who are not visually impaired, it may be a breathtakingly gorgeous sight,  like an outdoor wedding reception on a neatly manicured lawn. All the tables impeccably dressed with their white linen tablecloths kissing the lawn. Topside there are smooth white china plates with starched white linen napkins fanned and placed inside white pearl napkin rings that are resting atop each plate. Let us not forget the matching white teacup and saucer. This tablescape is rounded out with the sun reflecting on the sterling silver silverware, crystal stemware, white pearl strands swirled around the table, crystal vase and mirrored centerpiece. Seeing this would surely bring a smile to your face, or would it? For those whose visual challenge deals with contrast, this wedding reception scene could be a nightmare about to happen. Although a beautiful sight to behold for most people, for others, the sea of white, or any other single color choice, would put them on full alert. Did I mention the chairs were also dressed in white?


For someone whose visual challenge deals with contrast, having this tablescape could be like walking a bull thru a China Shop. The bull won’t tear up the shop, but some damage will occur.  For this person, the tablescape is seen as a large white danger zone. An accident waiting to happen. What to do, what to do, what to do? Caution would be the name of the game. Proceeding very cautiously to ensure that minimal damage occurs, but hoping there will be none at all. You know pretty much what should be on the table, but you just don’t see it. While everyone else is looking around and marveling at the decor, you are wondering how on God’s earth you are going to get through this. It most definitely can be tricky, but not at all an impossible feat. Being able to maneuver with poise and grace, while feeling at ease, is a skill well worth having.


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