Raising a Speaker…Himanshu Garg has been named the youngest fitness influencer in the country at age 19.

Raising a Speaker

#SpeakEasy Podcast Episode

When it comes to nurturing the dreams of child there are many who would give a side-eye to the child wanting to become a professional speaker.  Hey, we heard how Steve Harvey talked about getting in trouble in school for saying that he wanted to be on T.V. It was his father that inspired him to write whatever the teacher wanted to see on the paper but to still go after his dream. (We see how that worked out right?)


After reading about Himanshu Garg being named the youngest fitness influencer and speaker in his country it sparked some inner joy. I know of a youth that is even younger here in the United States that are speakers and authors. It warms my heart when children are influenced to follow their dream and supported by their parents. Himanshu even attributed his success to the involvement of his parents in the original article on The Asian Age website.


(Original article: https://asianage.com/life/more-features/260919/lifestyle-influencer-himanshu-garg-is-now-the-countrys-youngest-motivational-speaker.html?fbclid=IwAR1siXx4jraEIPb_s8veMcTwB7ygx1VC9NVfULQX4ASPTgRaFkGgz8PU91s)


So, how do you support your child’s dream of being a motivational speaker? How do you give them the necessary tools for them to stand on their own in the speaking industry? Trust me, from experience, this industry is not always the easiest of fields to be in. Especially if you are looking to get paid. In today’s episode, we will dive into three key elements you will need to support your child.


  • Space to grow


  • Education


  • Foundation/Value system


Altovise Pelzer is an Award-winning Speaker, Author, Live Streamer, Coach and founder of the World Voice League. She also hosts the #SpeakEasy Podcast, your #1 Podcast for unscripted perspectives on becoming and staying a successfully paid Author or Speaker. At her core, she is the mom of four, will break out into impromptu dance parties, take a beach trip or read a book.


Homelessness and molestation greatly affected Altovise. She hit a turning point in her life after decades of being silent about her molestation story even after finding out both her girls were molested. This was the catalyst for her decision to motivate women to “Leverage Their Life’s Circumstances” by learning to love their voice. She takes women from abuse to applause by equipping them to Define, Accept and Use their Voice as a Speaker, Author or Entrepreneur.




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#SpeakEasy Podcast Episode


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