3 Ways That Your Network is Your Most Valuable Asset

The most valuable asset that you have in business is your network. As a live streamer, author, podcaster and speaker, I have to say that supporting and engaging people is a valuable asset. , Unfortunately, it gets overlooked because of technology and social media.

I have seen the power of networking first hand as an introvert building a business. It has been vital.

Look, I don’t mean engagement where we just like a post either. I’m talking about having actual conversations and listening to hear the other person. (Aren’t these the skills we learned in Kindergarten?) Along this journey, we have strayed away from solid connections but now os the perfect time to reinvest in people.
Your network becomes a valuable asset when you realize the truth in these three statements.

~ Word of mouth is still a top marketing tool (Even online)
~ Accountability gives you a 94% success rate
~ Where you show up matters (Both online and offline)

Have you seen the value of networking for your business? Have you had a bad networking experience?

Listen in to a recent episode of The #SpeakEasy Podcast about how your network is one of your most valuable assets. => Your Most Valuable Asset is Your Network

As an introvert, networking was not easy. Let’s be honest here by laying all the cards on the table. I hated networking! Handing me 100 business cards made me itch and so most times when I did show up to an event I quietly sat in a corner.


Yes, I paid for the ticket.

Yes, I showed up at the event.

Yes, I wanted to do something great.

No, I did not engage with people!


I would always leave with a handful of business cards and ready to take a nap. Networking events drained me because each person spent 15 minutes talking about themselves. This is around the time that I started reassessing my hate for networking. It was a lack of genuine conversation. Oh, and the many many many business cards as well.


So, since we need to be the change we want to see in the world…I changed what networking was for me. Networking became the general conversation that I had every day both online and offline. It became the conversation with my LYFT driver and engagement that I would have on my live streams.


Networking was no longer an event to attend. Networking had become a conversation to be had with one person. That fits my personality a whole lot better. Oh, and with the help of technology, I didn’t even need a business card.


(Tips I use as an introvert can be found here => bit.ly/pluginmyvoice)


This shift in thinking when it came to networking sparked a question. How many other people disliked networking in that same 500 business card model? Well, I received my answer. Many were ready for change.


And change we shall have!


The Love my Voice Tour was birthed from this need for change in the networking model. I would travel and do small local events to network with small business owners, current clients and those who may be ready to start a business. The training piece would show them better ways to network and then we put what we learned into action. Three years later and we are still doing the tour. (With a few moderations of course)


Partnering with vendors, book co-authors, boutiques and more, we have created our own little networking slice of heaven. Complete with good food and conversations, we only see the momentum building as we head into 2020. What started out as an idea for a three-city tour has evolved into an international tour. It has been a way to build my network and collaborate with my network as well.


How will you use networking in this next year?



With over ten years of writing, Altovise uses her platforms to create opportunities for women to have their voices heard. Founder of the World Voice League, she educates and empowers through courses, a weekly accountability call, blogging, books, and the #SpeakEasy Podcast.



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