The Secret to Higher Speaker Fees by Sabriga Turgon

As a professional speaker, you need all the help you can get to stand out from the competition.


But in a world of speakers that stretches from sea to shining sea, standing out enough to be chosen is a tall order.


Yes, you promote your name via social media, your website, and your network.


Hopefully, you have thousands of followers who retweet or share your message.


But few of those will have the punch you need to grab eyeballs and make people remember your name, and even more, your message.


It can take years to wade into the center of the action.


Fortunately, you have a much more efficient tool at your fingertips: your expert book.


Having an expert book increases your credibility as an authority and spreads your name far and wide.


Once you’re a published author, you’re easy to find. Your network grows. You get paid more. Your reputation builds.


And you get paid more.


Yeah, I know I already said that, but don’t you think it’s important enough that it bears repeating?


Books are, as the saying goes, the 21st century business card.


They give potential clients something of you to hold onto—literally.


When your friend passes your expert book to her friend, your name spreads.


When that booking agent or events manager glances over and sees your book on their desk or shelf, you are already an expert in their eyes.


Your expert book promotes your authority, your message, and your personality.


It’s your single best marketing tool as a professional speaker.


The other day, I listened to an interview with Pia Silva, uber-successful first-time author who proves what a book can do, beyond just sales.


She said that since publishing her book, she’s in demand for so many speaking gigs she can


  • afford to be picky
  • charge more to organizations or companies that are not in her target audience
  • require those organizations and companies outside her target audience to purchase copies of her book in advance


That’s a heap of benefits for one little book, isn’t it?


Plus, she’s selling copies online every day, and through back-of-the-room (BOR) sales whenever she speaks.


Your expert book is your ultimate marketing tool and advances your speaking career in 10 ways.


Check out this short video that tells you all about it: (#10 is huge).


What’s an Expert Book?


An “expert book” is just what it says: it shows why you’re an expert in your field.


It’s your ambassador to organizations, conferences, events, or sponsoring companies that want you on their stage, taking their audience on a journey of discovery.


At the back of that conference room is your promo table with your book.


Every person who buys it increases your revenue.


Every person they give it to increases your network.


Your expert book is also a treasure trove for you every time you have to write a new speech—all your important material, statistics, favorite quotes, or inspired ideas are at your fingertips.


No more searching your notes, your files, your hundreds of post-its hanging all over your office wall for that just-right information to cinch your message.


But let’s face it—many great speakers are not great writers.


Fortunately, you don’t have to be!


I am a Certified Ghostwriter with Wambtac Ghostwriters, and we’ll write that book for you.


Based on your experiences, teachings, lessons or notes—and enhanced by one-to-one interviews—the book is organized to present your info in the best way, so readers are drawn from page to page.


No lessons or notes, you say? No problem.


We will work from our one-to-one interviews, just the way we write other books (business, memoir, novels, or legacy books).


You approve every chapter before we move to the next, so the book says what you want to say, in the way you want to say it.


Make this year the one where you gain every advantage in your speaking career.


Just head over to to schedule a free consultation or give us a call 800-641-3936.


Your expert book helps you get on the stage, but you are the reason they want to book you again and again.


It’s your career—go for it!



Former Peace Corp volunteer, Women’s Studies enthusiast, and Certified Ghostwriter Sabriga Turgon jumps out of bed for apple pie, strong coffee, raccoons flash-mobbing on the rooftop, and early morning yoga. She also loves helping speakers put their brand into book form, mentoring authors, and elevating good manuscripts into marketable literary properties. Read about her at, or reach out to her at














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