Onyx went from 230lbs to a “better naked her” using a warrior mindset!

As the Owner of Rugg3d F3mm3, Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, and all-around Fitness Enthusiast, I can most definitely say that I love what I do.

Although it’s not easy at times, my entire fitness journey hasn’t been but somehow still feels like a cake-walk. I have been through many ups and downs but have managed to always stay dedicated to my fitness journey and that alone is what got me here today. 


I didn’t think about doing any of this as a business, I only cared about making myself feel better and be better. The better version of myself… if you will… a “better naked me” in the words of my friend Terrill Ross. I always keep that phrase in my mind because it matches my exact personality, story and where I have been in life. I always knew how clothes were supposed to fit me… tastefully revealing and sexy and by the time I had realized that I was well away from that, I became a whole whopping 230lbs! That was 230lbs of defeat, depression and all-around confusion in life because I didn’t understand how the hell I had gotten to this point in my life. 


I wanted to be a New York City bartender but then being reminded of the harsh reality that in order to do that, I would have to be back into that superficial realm where I would have to look a certain type of way. I still maintained a healthy sense of self-esteem but somehow, the way II felt and looked still made me feel unhappy. At one point, I was a gogo dancer, extremely fit and happy. By this time, I hadn’t worked at a job since I was 17 so of course, finding work was hard especially after getting licensed for bartending and not being able to get employed as a bartender due to the extreme weight-gain I put aside everything as far as that because now I had fallen deep into my depression and didn’t want to come out of the house for 3 years.


In that 3rd year, I had decided that enough was enough and I started my fitness journey. I started by going to department stores and looking online for workout videos and even the workout network on cable. It was a great start but once I realized that it would be easier for me to give up if I knew I could pause the videos and still ended up looking the same, I cut out all of the videos and hit the pavement in East Orange, NJ. I put my headphones in my ears and started walking… very fast and once I looked around, I started to question if I looked like a young woman who was shaped like a 50-year out-of-shape black woman. I started jogging and then running faster and faster every time for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night and I wouldn’t change my clothes until the end of the day because I was determined to lose the weight.


Before I knew it, I had lost 60lbs in 4 months and was soon ready to begin my journey finding a job and entering a gym. Shortly after, a gym had opened up around the corner from where I live and I began weight training. Before I knew it I was lifting massive amounts of weight and had toned my body is absolutely no time and had now become obsessed! I found myself working 2 jobs and still making it to the gym. I was now able to invest more into my workout clothes as well as accessories and toys to play within the gym! 

I have grown my home/outdoor gym collection and now use those things as part of my personal training, Black0ut B00tcamps, Personal Training Sessions and extremities in the gym. 

Throughout my entire journey, I have also experienced a plethora of negative criticism and bullying about my ‘strength” especially at the jobs that I obtain. I have been called names, I’ve been sexually harassed, accused of looking like a man and wanting to be a man and even being a lesbian. All of which isn’t true. I’m actually one of the girliest girls you will ever meet and truly feminine at my core. I’m just not afraid to get into a warrior mindset. I am a warrior princess and I want everything else other women want, I’m just multifaceted physically and thrill-seeking is what gives me pleasure. 

I say this part to say, NEVER allow basic people to tell you what you’re supposed to be doing as a “woman”. Us as women can conquer anything if we decide to put our minds to it. 

I know that my womanly figure needs the workout that I give myself to compliment my womanly shape. Not many people understand how that works but I represent those of us women that DO!

I have never made a physical change to myself based off of what others think. Whether it was the way I wore my hair to the clothing I wear and including my fitness journey and I encourage others to do the same. It’s your body and you can do whatever the hell you want to do with it.


Once I was satisfied with my results I thought it was time to take things a step further by creating a logo that represents me and as well as other women that can relate to doing anything that may appear outside of the norm. I love the feeling of lifting weights and I love the sexy results that it gives me afterward. I love the feeling of being in the shooting range and I love the feeling of knowing how to protect myself. I love riding a motorcycle and I love the feeling of being a sexy badass. I even love the feeling of working in a warehouse environment and I love getting paid to do the same job the men are doing all while feeling and being sexy and going hard at it. I love the feeling of hitting a heavy bag and I love the feeling of defending myself. I love the feeling of how I look doing it all in my sexiest workout clothing or in a pair of heels. 

My range is literally from stiletto to steel toe and back to stiletto.

And this is what Rugg3d F3mm3™ represents. Women who can do both and still “Be the strong, sexy and fierce woman they want to be.”



This is basically my fitness journey and I’ve come so far in it, that I am inviting you along. To join the movement to feel better, look better and do better… #0nyxfitnessstyle.





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