Jessaca Took a Leap That Led to Her Opportunity for Success

Studying and researching entrepreneurship is what changed my life. It is what helped me step into my greatness and take advantage of an opportunity that would help me to create an abundant life for the family.


At one point, I was in the midst of suffering from anxiety and depression after not being able to find a job that I desired in the criminal justice field. I was crying all of the time and I stopped socializing with my friends and family. This devastated me to my core. But I knew I couldn’t give up; I had to push forward and rise out of the darkness.


I was introduced to Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, an organization that helped me discover that my life was worthy of living and that I could rebuild the confidence I had lost. The women in this tribe nurtured and poured life back into me. They ensured me that my greatness was still available.


So, what did I do? How did I move forward into my greatness…I wrote a book! I researched the characteristics of what an aspiring entrepreneur would need to turn their ideas into reality. I titled it, A New Level Mindset.


I learned that many people want to start their businesses but lack the necessary tools to get started. It’s more than just building a business through marketing and branding, it’s about building yourself and understanding who you need to become, what you need to do so that you can have the life you desire.


During my research, I discovered these characteristic habits needed to become a full-time successful entrepreneur.


Growth Mindset: I know it can be tough and challenging, but the limiting beliefs must go! We cannot continue to believe that we are not worthy when a challenge or setback comes our way. We must continue to pursue this dream against all odds. We have to open our minds to all the opportunities and possibilities that come with entrepreneurship. This is going to require that you become uncomfortable with achieving goals that you once thought were impossible. Once you master this characteristic, temporary defeat will be no match for you. Action Tip: Look for opportunities to learn about new things.


Confidence: Ahh good ole confidence! Out of all the characteristics, I feel that this is the most important one to have. Without this, we cannot move forward to the many levels of entrepreneurship. This is why it was important for me to overcome depression and anxiety. I encourage you to start doing the things that you have been afraid of doing but you know deep down inside that doing these things is what you need to move yourself to greatness. Now I know the process, there are times when you will stop and start. It’s ok, as long as you don’t give up, you will be fine. Action Tip: Go to business networking events to introduce yourself to like-minds.


Clarity: Once you become masterful with your growth mindset and confidence. You need to become clear on what impact you want to make on the world through entrepreneurship. What is your WHY, what group of people will you be helping. I am helping aspiring entrepreneurs overcome the fear, doubt, and procrastination of turning their ideas into reality. This is because entrepreneurship is on the rise and there are people who need to be empowered to get started.


Discipline: Maintaining discipline will have its challenges on this journey. You cannot let that deter you from staying on track. You must nurture the entrepreneurial process in order for it to grow into the success you know it can be.

Action Tip: Spend an hour at your local library on Saturdays reading literature related to your business idea.


Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It is for those who are ready and willing to take risks on a dream, vision or goal that no one can see but you. You will have to push through the distractions from others who will try to stop you. More importantly, you will have to stop YOU from stopping you. Yes, we can be our own enemy when pursuing goals and dreams because we live with limiting beliefs that have been programmed within us for so long. This is why I do the work of helping others to overcome the fear, doubt, and procrastination of turning their ideas into reality.




Jessaca Rowe is an author, speaker, and coach to aspiring entrepreneurs. She develops strategies to move aspiring entrepreneurs in directions that will empower them to overcome the fear, doubt, and procrastination of turning their business ideas into reality.

When Jessaca couldn’t find a space that focused on the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs, she did her due diligence and began to study what aspiring entrepreneurs needed to become successful. From her studies, her book “A New Level Mindset” was born. It highlights her journey as an aspiring entrepreneur rising out of fear into greatness. She discusses how she developed a growth mindset, a dedicated support system, mental strength and much more. The strategies in her book, help aspiring entrepreneurs get started with the inner work process of turning their dreams into reality. Jessaca has appeared as a guest speaker on Los Angeles area platforms such as Black Women Rock Nationally, Worldwide women Speakers and The Stenique Experience. She has also been featured in Courageous Women Magazine and Voyage LA Magazine.



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