Live Your Life Out Loud and Be Bold You with Cyndilu Miller

Cyndilu Miller helps women learn how to live life out loud and be bold. She found a way to use the skills that came naturally to her in order to help others. Here is her story.

Tell Me About Your Business and What Led You to Start It?

As the founder of beBOLDyou™ Personality Expressions System, I team together with ya as you are entering into a new season of life to figure out who you are, who you want to become and what strengths you can lean on in order to step fully into being BOLD you!

Through, books, podcasts, coaching, clarity, and strategic consulting and my signature “Do It Now” implementation workshop-style environment, we work together to get you started so that you stop spinning in circles and start moving down the road to making your dreams come true!


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Getting moving and getting started to do it now flows out of me easily as do many ideas – once I figured out that helping others get started and get moving was a real talent and skill that people were looking for I started offering services to get the Tech Bits and Starting Promo Materials together so you can Live Your Life Out Loud and BE BOLD YOU in every area of your life whether online or offline. We got ya!

What are Three Unique Things About You?

I live in New Zealand with my beloved Kiwi (my husband was born here and wanted to come back to retire here too)!

I have been caught dancing up the hallways at work, even been seen doing a twirl upon exiting the lady’s room – when you get the chance… Dance!!

I love to capture the world around me through my camera and share it with the world!

What Has Been Your Biggest Accomplishment so Far?

Becoming an author is definitely the biggest accomplishment thus far. Working to share the things that are swimming around in your mind is a challenge that was larger than I am and took a team to bring it to total fruition!

So grateful for my editor, my beloved, my writing coach and the other authors in our circle who encouraged me and kept me going when I would have otherwise quit on my own.

What has been the Biggest Lesson You Have Learned so Far?

The biggest lesson I have learned so far is that there is no perspective exactly like mine, that it is impossible to see your own blind spot although most of us try to.

Learning to accept the perspectives of others without feeling like my own perspective is of no value has been a journey in self-worth discovery that every human needs to go through on their very own, yet can not go through without the perspective of others to see the differences.

How can readers connect with you?

Facebook: @cyndilumiller or @beboldyou

Instagram: @cyndilumiller

LinkedIn: @cyndilumiller


(The original post can be found on => Live Your Life Out Loud and Be Bold You)


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