Prove That You are a Commodity with Kearn Crockett Cherry

Prove That You are a Commodity with Kearn Crockett Cherry

Your personal brand plays a huge part in your success. It is attached to your name and often times your name will show up before you do. (That is if you are putting it out there for people to know more about you) This is the best time to connect and build collaborations both online and offline. Working on your success and making an impact can be done on your own but it costs more and takes longer. We are definitely stronger together.


(Check out the original podcast episode => Prove That You are a Commodity)

Understand that in any business word of mouth marketing is still one of the key ways to build your reputation and revenue. Listening to what your ideal customer needs and wants will always put you in a position to succeed. It will also take authenticity! People can always spot a taker and a giver. In the end, givers will always receive more and come out ahead of the pack. In this episode, Kearn shares her experience as the butts in seats Queen!

Kearn dropped nuggets about what it means to show up with a brand that wants to succeed!
~ Show up looking like you are ready to succeed
~ Don’t just sit and wait for things to happen
~ Take your experience and flip it on its head (What can you use from each experience?)
~ Build a brand network

Through key conversations, you are able to be seen and heard. Yes, that even includes turning on your camera during a zoom call. Make the most of every encounter and treat social media as a networking meetup.

Here are the five tips Kearn shared to help you get a yes for that next speaking opportunity.
1. Always have a bio (short, mini and regular)
2. Have a high-resolution headshot
3. Speaker One Sheet is valuable
4. Have a website
5. Videos are great for your brand

Oh, and Kearn discussed other key things that she personally looks for when going through the hundreds of speaker applications that she receives for the Power Up Summit and the Success Women’s Conference. Always remember that what you bring to the event shout be valuable even before you step on the stage. Promoting, sharing in your community and other small gestures will prove that you are a commodity to the event and event host. Being invited is just part of the equation…you become an ambassador for the event.

Don’t believe that this level of wisdom has not come without a blunder or two. Kearn sheds light on what happened when she moved the Success Women’s Conference to a bigger venue. The feedback she received was the closeness that everyone loved from previous years had been lost when she tried to fill up space at a larger facility. “It swallowed the conference!” She revealed how it made her become smarter about the space she was using.

So what does the 2020 Success Women’s Conference look like after quarantine? Well, Kearn shared that it is still moving full speed ahead with a few slight changes to make sure everyone stays safe. You can get more details to become a speaker or sponsor by going to


Meet Kearn Crockett Cherry


One thing I discovered while building my health care business for 22 years: Success must be taken! I’ve found my purpose in empowering women and coaching others on how to build relationships, connections, and sponsorships. My most recent successes included co-authoring “Women Inspiring Nations” and “Unboxed: 25 Women Share How To Break Free & Soar.” Two of the achievements I’m most proud of is launching my own TV show, “Unwrinkled Heart” and co-founding the Success Women’s Conference (, one of the Top 10 conferences for professional women in the U.S. Follow me on the Success podcast and learn more about my story — I hope it will inspire you to take your own success!

Kearn Cherry is a speaker and coach who help individuals by empowering them to walk in their God-given gifts. As a master collaborator, she is able to show individuals how to monetize that relationships build from networking and connecting with others.

Kearn Cherry has been creating events for over 20 years. She is known as the “Butts in the Seats” Queen. She can help you increase your profits from events and conferences.

(Check out the original podcast episode => Prove That You are a Commodity)

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  1. This was such a powerful episode! I listened to it twice in a row and I will definitely be re-visiting it again!! I learned so much listening to this episode!

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    1. Thank you for checking it out Traci! It was great talking to Kearn for this episode. She gave some powerful gems.

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      1. That she most definitely did! I have missed listening to your Morning Press series on Facebook, so I have been loving listening in on the podcast now that I actually have a compatible device. I listed to 4 or 5 episodes yesterday and on episode 2 for today already! ❤

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