Find Your Fierce with Nicole Roberts Jones

Find Your Fierce with Nicole Roberts Jones

When you hear the entrepreneurship journey of someone who is successful, you often find that there are many moments that you can relate to. That was how I felt the first time I heard Nicole Roberts Jones story about five years ago. She was sharing what the first 17 years of business looked like as she went from broke to bankable.

(Check out Nicole’s Episode: Find Your Fierce)

“I couldn’t afford NOT to go!”, Nicole spoke about the big investment that shifted her business. In order to make the shift to become successful, she needed to do a few things.

1. Stop doing the same thing looking for a different result
2. Learn to pivot because the tools you used for the level are not sufficient for the next level.
3. Hire someone and invest at the level you want to be on
4. Don’t pull a Milli Vanilli on potential clients and within her network (Oh, you know who Milli Vanilli is!)

“Being able to serve or help” is a popular response from many women in the coaching industry. As women, we are coached to nurture from a very early age and that same nurturing heart is what we take with us in business. While that nurturing may be what our clients need, this can often play against us in a few ways. We find ourselves not charging enough or we do not say yes to opportunities because we feel we aren’t qualified. Learning to fly as we jump from a cliff seems scary but if you look at successful companies you will see that someone had to take that jump.

Nicole admitted during this interview that her own ego became a hindrance to being coachable. She looks at the mistakes that she has made as an opportunity for pruning. It taught her to spend more time in silence so she could hear God clearly before making decisions. She values seedtime and harvest as it comes to her business. It shows in the success she is having after 27 years in business.


(Check out Nicole’s Episode: Find Your Fierce)



Nicole Roberts Jones is uniquely gifted at one thing – drawing out what’s best in YOU and helping you take your Brilliance to The Bank. A veteran of the entertainment industry, Nicole worked in Talent Management and Casting before shifting her talents to become the Founder & CEO of NRJ Enterprises.

She now works with entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of income from what they already know in order to build an empire from their expertise. Additionally, Nicole works with corporations to assure their executives and middle managers push their internal edge, and step into the true power of their gifts and talents at work. Her clients have included the Steve Harvey World Group, Dell EMC, McDonald’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lisa Nichols and Motivating the Masses, Coach Diversity Institute, the BOSS Network, and Working Mother Magazine to name a few.

Nicole is also a nationally recognized transformational speaker, purpose to paycheck expert and best-selling author of four books, the most recent being Find Your Fierce. She lives with her husband in a suburb of Boston, MA, consulting, writing, and creating breakthroughs for her clients.

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