Being a Woman of Intent with Sheree Casey and Vernice Mechel Mitchell

Being a Woman of Intent with Sheree Casey and Vernice Mechel Mitchell

I am a woman point blank period. And I know that being a woman, we have many different obstacles and things that we have to go through. This is the moment when we can to address those things in order to grow. With sisterhood, there is a support that is here to help.

It’s time to build authentic relationships! As we see the shift from women fighting each other to women supporting each other we have to acknowledge the relationships that are being built. Sheree Casey interviewed Vernice Mechel Mitchell and broke down some key elements to being a woman of intent.


(Check out the full podcast interview here: Interview with Vernice Mechel Mitchell CEO & Founder of Women Of Intent!)


Sheree: How do you feel about the changes that are happening for women?

Vernice: I’m apart of that move. I feel that if we, as women, are willing to go through the healing process to love ourselves then we will be able to fulfill God’s commandment on loving our neighbor.

That is what it means to be a woman of intent. We do sessions where women can come be renewed and restored. She is able to take off who she is at work in a safe space. Building that confidence in who she is is important.

So how do we change things? Make a decision that this is something your are going to change.

Sheree: I recently had a revelation! We don’t get a medal for being the strongest woman in the world. The only thing you end of with is health problems, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Vernice: The Superwoman complex makes us feel like we have to put on our cape and go out to save everyone else. For a season you may have to save everyone else but you have to save yourself too. You have to find a balance in order to juggle it all.

There will be times where you have to pull back.

There will be times when you need to ask for help

You will need to put the mask on yourself first

Sheree: Once you have a better knowledge of yourself you will be able to discern when someone is taking advantage of you.

Vernice:  Yes. You will realize that you can’t cast your pearls before swine. Then you will ask yourself if this is good ground that you are sowing into. We have to understand that it is a journey and there will be some times when we get off track. Become grounded in your relationship with your belief system.

(Check out the full podcast interview here: Interview with Vernice Mechel Mitchell CEO & Founder of Women Of Intent!)


SA Casey is the Podcast host of two shows “Speak Life 562” and A brand new show called Expanding your power: Women empowering women. She is also an Author and Co-author of 4 books, Certified Life Coach, Licensed Minister and the CEO of Innovating Life Coaching Solutions LLC, which sponsors a paid monthly membership program to empower women. “Her motto is “Change your mindset, Change your life!”

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