A Million Dollars Ain’t Nothing with Wanda Booth

A Million Dollars Ain’t Nothing with Wanda Booth

Yes, you read that right. A Million Dollars Ain’t Nothing!

Now before you scroll past this episode, hear me out. If you add up what you have made in the last five years at your job how much is that? Now think about what you have been able to do with what you made. Jaw-dropping right? This is an episode that will shift your mindset about money and may even rethink what you are doing to attain more of it.

(Check out the episode: A Million Dollars Ain’t Nothing)

First things first, what is your number goal for the year? the month? the week?

Even today there are still many who do NOT put a money goal on paper. It can be out of fear of failure or a misunderstanding about money but either way, it is taboo to talk about it or want more of it.

Here are some questions to ask yourself while listening to this episode:

Are the goals that you are setting when it comes to money too low?
Is your money goal the goal you heard someone else say that they wanted to achieve?
Where did you get your understanding of money?

In this episode, Wanda shares how her understanding of money was changed when her father joined the Air Force. The neighborhood she was able to live in changed and she realized that other people were living a better life. With this new perspective, she decided right then that she wanted to continue to live a better life.

Our experiences can create a mental block when it comes to money. As a broker, Wanda was working with people who had the million-dollar accounts but she was drawn to help those who didn’t have a million dollars in their bank account. They may have had $3,000 or even $20 in their bank account. Can you relate to wanting more when your circumstances make you feel like you can never get there?

We have to fight for financial freedom. When women become financially free they invest back into the community.

Here are the steps:
Step One: Put your money goal on paper

Don’t allow anyone to shame you for that number. That includes you!

Step Two: How much debt do you have?

What is holding your money goal hostage? Things like student loans and credit cards can be draining extra money the longer that you hold onto them.

Step Three: What are the expenses that you have? (Personal & Business)

Be honest about where the leaks are happening in your bank account. Some times there are moments when you need to shut somethings down or dial it back a bit.

Step Four: What will it look like after you reach your goal?

Yes, there will be sacrifices made in order to achieve big goals. When we start to focus on what it will feel like and look like when we achieve our goal, the sacrifice does not seem as big.

When you start answering these questions you will see that the million dollars you once thought you needed are small in comparison to what you want to do in business and life. We can’t plan for every circumstance that may happen but we can start to put ourselves in a better position to handle it. There are many gifts that you have right now that you can monetize. That means there is always an opportunity for you to make more money.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, there were businesses being birthed. People didn’t stop buying things and some even bought more than what they would usually buy. The money you have, the money that you will have, is a tool you use to invest in what you need and want. You transfer it from your account to someone else’s account when accepting a product or service. It’s time for you to command your money in order to achieve the goal you put down.

Wanda Booth is a 25 year Army veteran advancing through the ranks from Private to Major. Mother of three amazing kids. After the military worked as a Financial Advisor. Wanting to spend more time with her family and work in her purpose, she followed her faith to start a business helping women advance in life, career, and finances. Wanda enjoys mentoring young girls to enhance their confidence and leadership.

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