Middle of the Pack with Dr. Karen Hills-Pruden

“Keep looking forward and don’t look back.”

Middle of the Pack with Dr. Karen Hills-Pruden

What does it mean to be in the middle of the pack?

People will fight, tooth and nail, to get to the front of the pack but do we really know what it means to be in the middle of the pack. It is not until we understand what the middle of the pack represents that we can take the actions necessary to move into leadership. Oh, and depending on the pack you are in…leadership is not always in the front.

(Check out the full episode: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/40297133)

Dr. Karen shared a great starting point for anyone that may be looking to move into a leadership role. It may be a simple thing that you have overlooked due to life circumstances.

“Keep looking forward and don’t look back.”

There are challenges in your past that you have already overcome. There are stumbling blocks in your past that made you fall. Start with reminding yourself that each day is a new day with its own opportunity for success. When we get stuck in the past we not only miss opportunities, we also find ourselves getting distracted from the journey. Have you been witness to someone who seems to be stuck in a moment in their personal history?

Next, you need to get focused on your goal and the actions needed to achieve that goal. Those actions will include a mentor or coach who has achieved the goal you want to achieve. The mentor or coach is for guidance, not for you to become a duplicate of them. Be mindful not to lose who you are in the process. If something does not line up with your core beliefs it is okay to say no and walk away.

Dr. Pruden’s gems:
~ When you trip or fall…get back up!
~ Look for the opportunities
~ Seek and accept help
~ Don’t be average in your approach
~ Differentiate yourself from the pack
~ Become flexible and be willing to adjust

Dr. Karen shared the importance of being able to think clearly and not being scared to be the first to suggest or try something. Most of the innovators and the forerunners in all industries are the people who are willing to try something and fail at it. It includes looking at challenges head-on even when you may not fully understand it yourself.

Communication will also play a huge role in your advancement into leadership. Setting boundaries, having good listening skills, and giving corrective feedback are apart of the blueprint for a successful leader. These will assist you when it comes to checking the temperature of your team, your organization, and yourself. You will be able to better indicate when you need to table an idea or make adjustments.

(Check out the full episode: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/40297133)

Dr. Karen’s aha moment for leaders:

Learn to speak the language that they speak. Being a leader requires you to learn the winning language. That may mean learning new terminology or learning a new language.

Dr. Pruden is a Career Elevation Expert for female middle managers seeking senior leadership

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