3 Lessons From Watching Les Brown Livestream While on Mute

Last week I received a notification from LinkedIn that Les Brown was live so I ran to hear what what he was talking about! Les Brown is one of the leading motivational speakers in the world. He has been shifting lives and mindsets through many changes in our nation.

Well, this particular day, our mighty man was muted! For the beginning of the livestream, Dr. Les Brown was giving his all but no one could hear him. Followers and fans were in the chat trying to alert him to mistake.

Anyone who has gone live on social media knows the trials and tribulations of live-streaming. Hey, it happens…often. It made me start thinking about some of the

1. Being muted affects more than just you!

It’s the comments for me. People were making suggestions and working really hard to get Les’s attention but it didn’t work. When the people that need us can’t hear us there will be moments when they can’t even share what they need from us. Their cries for help go unheard and their needs go unmet. (Kind of sounds like some familiar stories in the media at the moment)

There will always be high levels of frustration from people who are looking for you to a certain task. The comments could have easily taken a turn for the worst because of the frustration that people were feeling. This happens in EVERY industry and although we can’t prepare for each occurrence, we can have a level of respect and empathy for people.

2. People that know your voice will fight to hear it!

People waited…and waited…and waited…until the problem was fixed so they could hear what Les Brown had to say. Your words, wisdom and experience has just as much impact in someone’s life. You just have to find the audience that will fight through you being muted.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This only counts when you are someone who is fighting to become #unmuted in your business or life. If you are not doing work and allowing people to follow the journey, they will not see your voice as being authentic.

This is where the social proof comes in

This is when you pull back the curtain

This is how you are able to connect with the people that need you the most. Here is the most valuable thing to remember. Keep that same energy! When it comes to connecting with yoru audience you will find that they feed off of your energy so whatever you do in the beginning to get them will be what you need to do, and then some, to keep them. (Kind f sound like marriage right?)

3. Give yourself grace for the journey!

It was good to see Les Brown laugh at the situation. It was a great reminder to give ourselves grace. Hey, we all have had those moments Les…I know I have. You are human and that is what we love about you. There will always be moments when we are our own worst critic. but when we learn to give ourselves grace it opens up the energy we need to try something even bigger next time.

That grace will allow you to tap into another level of who you are as an entrepreneur, mother, father, seamstress and yes even a passer by. It can ignite something on the inside of us that will set the next person on fire to win the victory.

Les Brown Live on LinkedIn


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