Positioned with Power: A Lesson in Becoming Unmuted

A few weeks ago I released a new anthology called #Unmuted: Strategies to Move from Tragedy to Triumph! Well, one of the coauthors noticed that Amazon had placed us in the Occult category. That was not one of the categories chosen for our book so you can imagine my surprise. Immediately I went up in prayer and called on fellow prayer warriors to join me. Was this a mistake? Was this on purpose?

The insight that I received will definitely change your mindset forever. I was being positioned for power in a very uncomfortable way.

Here is where the story gets interesting. That Friday night I was a guest on The Power of Influence with Dr. Eric Holmes. That is when it hit me…I was being placed in a position of power. Our book was being placed in a category where it could help someone that needed it. The funny thing about being in a position of power is that it is usually an uncomfortable position. Let’s be honest…it would have been easier to call Amazon and just have them change the category right?

Check out my interview with Dr. Eric Holmes. The last 30 minutes of the live is when I called in.

Here are the 3 lessons in being #unmuted that stood out to me.

  1. There is someone that will be impacted by you becoming #unmuted

By telling their stories, the 9 coauthors in the book #Unmuted: Strategies to Move from Tragedy to Triumph were put into a position of power that would change lives. There is always someone who is watching your journey. even when they do it in silence. The ladies immediately began receiving opportunities to speak, podcast interview requests and messages from people all over the world. Many were sharing their appreciation for the ladies telling their stories because they could resonate with it.

Many of you can relate to watching someone’s journey and feeling inspired by their wins. There are even times when we shed a tear or two when that person has a loss. Their story becomes a mirror of our own and so seeing them be successful means that we can be successful too. Well, at least in theory it does. We even had ladies who joined us during the live launch of the book who felt connected to the coauthors as they shared snippets of their story.

2. Expect the unexpected when you become #unmuted

Okay, so during the live book launch I cried! Yup…like a big ole baby. lol I asked the coauthors of the book about where they saw themselves in the next 6 months to a year. Well, Vandora Wood blew me away when she shared that she was joining us on the launch livestream from the office of her new business. Woah!!!!! As she started working on her chapter in the book she said that an idea rose up for her to start a cleaning service. She started the process and even took it a step further by get her certification so she could have government contracts. What????

We know that we impact lives when we share our story but did you know that you also spark creativity? The coauthors were talking about other projects that they now wanted to launch and how this project had become a springboard for them.

3. There will always be people that want to take you higher

To date, my coauthors and I have been invited to be featured in five magazines, be guests on numerous podcasts, and do author chats via livestream. It blows my mind that amount of support that comes when you take action. I say that because I almost didn’t take action on this project.

This journey has been an interesting one as it is the first time that I have had people walk away from the project after agreeing to be apart of it. That hurt in a few ways.

1. Systems that were already in palace were no longer relevant because I no longer had the support that I needed

2. It shifted the financial projection of the project and so I had to come out of pocket for many expenses and opportunities

3. It made me a little nervous about depending on other people and asking for help.

Oh but that was just an obstacle. There have been people stepping in to help move the vision forward. We even had someone send us a donation towards our efforts to send copies of #Unmuted to teen girls and women in Africa. Wow! We have been beyond blessed by the generosity and support from people all around the world.

It doesn’t stop there. Stay connected so you can join the movement as we work towards helping women around the world to become #unmuted! Bit.ly/unmutedwomen

With over ten years of writing, Altovise uses her platforms to create opportunities for women to have their voices heard. Founder of the World Voice League, she educates and empowers through courses, a weekly accountability call, blogging, books, and the #SpeakEasy Podcast.

Come join the conversation by going to bit.ly/worldvoicecommunity


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