By Grace Not Perfection with Kayleon Dortch-Elliott

When you think about the speaking and author industries, grace is usually not the first word that comes to mind. Many people step into this arena with a mile-long list of the expectations that they believe they must live up to. Then perfectionism steps in.

Kayleon gave some insight on her journey by grace, not perfection. Learning to take advice and tips without allowing it to alter who she is. That included her business name starting from a blog she did in middle school. This is the ultimate example of coming with what you have.

Ask yourself these questions:
Are you credible?
What are your beliefs and values?
Determine what defines you.

There are some key tips that help you as you come into your own in this industry. It can go back to your days on the playground or in Kindergarten. Looking for acceptance leads to saying yes in moments when you should say no. It also makes it difficult for you to adjust because you don’t want to let anyone else feel uncomfortable.

Remember that you are the walking brand in your speaking and writing. That brand goes beyond the website and the business cards. This is where coaching comes in because they are able to give you a different vantage point. Be sure that their purpose is one that aligns with your values.

Kayleon Dortch-Elliott is a wife, NICU grad mom, author, speaker, writer, podcast host, grad student, entrepreneur, minister, and public speaker. She strives to encourage and motivate all women with their personal development, emphasizing self-reflection, self-care, and rest through writing, speaking, and selling inspirational resources.

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I am a wife to my amazing husband, André, and we are parents to our beautiful baby girl, Ariah. As you browse the site, you may find that I do a lot. And while we are often recognized more for our doing, I wouldn’t be doing anything, effectively at that, if I disregarded my being. As I consider legacy, even at a young age, I have adopted this quote by Maya Angelou:

“I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being.”

I was inspired by my family’s experience in the NICU after giving birth prematurely (almost 3 months early) in May of 2019. I did not plan on being an advocate, especially this early. However, after spending 43 days with our daughter in the NICU, I knew something had to be done. In the Fall of 2019, I created The 45-Day Keepsake Journal for NICU Mamas, which has been internationally recognized, donated to, and purchased by various organizations to include: Colourful Beginnings (UK), Medical Moms of NICU (Arkansas), Them Too Foundation (Maryland), Oliver’s Little Warriors (Missouri), Mommy’s Miracle by Little Palms Press (Florida), and Christmas in the NICU (Utah). Not too long after, I was chosen to participate in Women on the TEDx Stage. Upon graduation, I was nominated to present my idea worth spreading, Not All Motherhood Is Treated Equally, at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Additionally, I was invited to audition for TEDxNCState in Raleigh, North Carolina. I actively seek opportunities to share our story, raise awareness, and advocate for family-integrated care and in-house mental health support for NICU families.

One Day At A Time: Remaining in Step

Planner: For Everyone

45-Day Keepsake Journal for NICU Mamas

Your Week: A Planner for NICU Moms

I have had the pleasure of writing and speaking on various platforms throughout the years as a blogger, panelist, podcaster, keynote speaker and minister. Guest appearances include Hand to HoldLive OUT LOUD Podcast, Imperfectly Ambitious Podcast, Finding Your Village Podcast, Everyday Miracles Podcast, The Becca Rich Wellness Channel, The Ashley and Grace Podcast ShowShouting About the Silence PodcastGirl You Are Worth It Conference, The We Rock Business Summit, Godly Vibes Only PodcastReal Talk April PodcastThe Angel & Tina Morning TV Show, and 729 Cape Pulpit in South Africa. I have written articles for magazines based in the US and UK and was invited by British entrepreneur and fashion designer, Samanah Duran, to interview for BEYOUROWNUK Magazine.

I am a brand consultant, creative designer, author, and speaker. Among other positions, prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I worked as an administrative assistant intern for a consulting firm based in Elkridge, MD. As the founder of By Grace Not Perfection LLC, I assist individuals and businesses with their personal, brand, and professional development through a variety of services, taking each client from idea to implementation. Over the years, BGNP’s services and products have received international recognition, as I have dedicated my life to meeting people’s needs through all I have to offer. I am a member of the Wix Partner Program and was awarded the Pioneer badge for Web Design in August 2020! The BGNP brand is an all-inclusive community with international podcast My Sentiments Exactly, an online store, webinars, resources, and the “Grace Together” Community.

I graduated in 2018 with a BA in Christian Ministry from Regent University (Virginia Beach) and I am currently a Master of Theological Studies Candidate.

The message behind BGNP is one that stresses grace over the constant pressure and demand to be perfect. It’s important to remember grace in a culture that just says hustle. I strongly believe that in the places we’d least expect it, the message of grace reaches all of us.

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