Virtual Roadshow Event Honors International Women’s Day, Challenges Social Norms

“During this pandemic, more than ever we need to hear the authentic stories of everyday women…” —Dr. Sam Collins

Virtual Roadshow Event Honors International Women’s Day, Challenges Social Norms

Aspire for Equality has announced a free 5-day virtual event, beginning on March 8, 2021 in honor of this year’s International Women’s Day theme of #choosetochallenge, aimed at unifying women to end bias and inequity around the world.

The event entitled, ”Stripped Back: On The Road,” is intended as a virtual roadshow with Dr. Sam Collins, Founder of Aspire for Equality and Host of the Stripped Back podcast, which features uninhibited and uncensored conversations with everyday women around the globe. 

“The podcast is taking a road trip,” said Dr. Collins. “In fact, if it wasn’t for COVID-19, I would love to be driving a campervan around the world, doing these really raw interviews with women face-to-face — lots of takeout, lots of wine, and real conversations in the back of a bar someplace.” 

Dr. Collins continued, “There are so many stories from celebrities and influencers to politicians and famous executives — truly amazing stories — but they often leave the everyday woman wondering, ‘Great story, but how does it relate to me?”

As a result of the pandemic, women’s equality is in retreat. While women make up 39 percent of global employment, they have accounted for 54 percent  of overall job losses. During lockdowns, everyone has suffered from mounting mental health pressures, but women face a disproportionate household burden and increases in both physical and psychological abuse, especially in emerging economies. Additionally, where multiple gender intersectionality’s exist, women experience a myriad of injustice, discrimination and oppression. 

And yet, in countries where women play a leading role in high-level decision-making, COVID-related outcomes (including the number of cases and deaths) are systematically more positive.

“During this pandemic,” Dr. Collins said, “more than ever we need to hear the authentic stories of everyday women because they matter just as much as the politicians and celebrities do, maybe more.”

The event intends to embrace not just gender parity, but the intersectionalities between women of faith, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability. The diverse group of interviewees includes scientists, parents, teachers, authors, researchers, police, firefighters, ex-offenders, journalists and activists from across the globe.

Over the course of the 5-day event Dr. Collins will explore the stories that can empower women to move forward on their aspirations for the future, even through these difficult times. 

Each day will feature new topics for discussion and opportunities for coaching for attendees: 

  • March 8: “Choose to Challenge” will offer ways for women to challenge stereotypes, social norms, and lighten the burden of cultural expectations.
  • March 9: “Radical Self-Care” will help create positive mental health, well-being and balance.
  • March 10: “Fearlessness” will offer ways women can demonstrate bravery, resilience and overcome fear.
  • March 11: “Compassion & Unity” will help women empower others towards cultural change, social impact and making a difference.
  • March 12: “Taking Action” will  share the tools to follow through on right actions, learn to say ‘no’ to wrong actions, and help manage time.

For over two decades, Dr. Sam Collins has been a leading global voice on women’s equality as a social entrepreneur, international speaker and author. Aspire for Equality is a global community that champions for equality for everyone, everywhere, through events, training and coaching for women.


For more information please visit or contact Dr. Sam Collins at US 310 437 8018 or UK 0207 556 1018


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