Why Pink Thursday?

“We are what we decide to be” ~ Mark Williams

Why Pink Thursday?

We want to build on Pink Shirt day, one day a year is not enough.

There is no greater way to start your weekend than to be in a place of happiness. Thursday is a perfect day to resolve any differences and set yourself on the path for an amazing weekend. Pink Thursday’s mission is to eradicate bullying everywhere. If every Thursday we continually remind everyone to practice love, respect and support towards one another it will eventually transform into a daily practice wherein we can begin breaking the cycle of bullying. Pink Thursday is geared towards all ages, races and classes and aims to increase our morals as a human race. The goal of Pink Thursday can only be achieved if we work together to move from talking about breaking the cycle of bullying to actually putting our thoughts and ideas into action.

Respect: everyone should feel respected at school, work and in their community.Support: needs to be readily available and accessible

Love: the foundation on which one can practice respect, give unconditional support and show compassion to fellow co-workers, neighbors, community members, friends and family.

This year has taught us the importance of loving, respecting and most importantly, supporting each other. We all need to take account of our actions and truly understand the impact of those actions on those around us and beyond. It is time for us to take responsibility for ourselves and come together to take action and promote positive change. In a world where we thought decency was a basic human trait, we are now seeing how rare it has become. I cannot fathom how anyone can choose to support someone who promotes division, bigotry and racism, however, I think we have a great opportunity to unite but it’s going to take each of us to make a commitment to speak out against bullying and injustice. We can change the world together by being kind. #pink4thursdays 

Thank you to Brian Chang for his support for Pink Thursday and his stance against bullying. #pink4thursdays

Brian has shared this message with us: It’s not enough to say we want a world free of discrimination and harassment; we must actively fight for that world and keep on doing the work. In every environment you find yourself in, from applying to jobs, getting work, accessing services, buying goods, seeking healthcare, to getting around, there are so many ways we can be made to feel less than, unwanted, denied services, even hated. Until we confront discrimination and harassment in all these environments, we’ll never achieve justice. We are all called to this work, every day, and every minute and it is worth doing.

Thank you Nova Stevens for your support for Pink Thursday and your stance against bullying. #pink4thursdays

Nova Stevens was the co-organizer of the freedom march on Juneteenth as well as the emancipation march on August 1st along with Shamika Mitchell. Originally from South Sudan, Nova has called Canada home for the last 22 years. Nova is more than what meets the eye. She is a model, actress and an activist for black lives matter. Nova is also a finalist for the Miss Universe Canada Pageant taking place October this year. She believes in the power of speech and has been using her voice as a tool to combat racism.

Nova has shared this message with us:

I believe that racism is a form of bullying on a deeper level. You’re choosing to hate aspects of a person that they can not change. This is why we need unity to combat both these issues; because they both stem from a lack of understanding, a lack of self love and love for others. When we unite, we create a bond that allows us to see each other as one instead of “different” because our essence is the same, we are the human race. None superior or inferior.

Thank you to Todd Irwin for his support for PInk Thursday and his stance against bullying. #pink4thursdays

Todd has shared this positive message with us:

Facing the challenges of life, with the limitations of none, as the recovery process is worked and gratitude grows. For every bully out there, there is a caring soul. The day you lose hope is the day you lose your light. Keep shining brightly and remember that your strength comes from your peace. We are warriors uniting under a banner of peace, being the light of our paradise as we work towards a way free of blind unyielding hatred.

History has a way of repeatedly presenting us with opportunities to do better, and we must act on those opportunities. Far too often we sit back and wait for someone else to act, and we can no longer afford to be complacent. Bullying can and must be defeated. It requires all hands on deck. No matter how small your contribution may seem, it is an important part of the solution. Despite all the instigated hate, racism and divisions that are going on around us, let’s not lose hope. We must rise above it all. Let’s continue to advance our mission by promoting more respect, support and love. #pink4thursdays

Thank you to Irene Blankenship, Cathy Holland, Ashley Gorton, Amy Gorton, Lyn Drinkard, Donna Owen, David Owen, Richard Sapp, Cissy Sapp, Frank Smith, Fay Sapp, Wyn Smith, Alice Boehm, Catherine Davis and Nathan Boehm from Warner Robins, GA for your support for Pink Thursday and your stance against bullying.

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