How Altovise empowered women to become #Unmuted in a pandemic!

Silence becomes the the island where dreams die! ~ Altovise Pelzer

While many dealt with zoom calls and virtual learning, Altovise set out on a mission to empower women worldwide. What started out as a book idea quickly turned into a movement of women becoming #unmuted by telling their personal story of moving from tragedy to triumph. Each woman in the project committed to submitting a chapter and donating books to women’s organizations worldwide.

To date, the #Unmuted book has been shared in the U.K., in the Bahamas, across the United States and several copies were delivered to a prison in Virginia. So how was all of this capable in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic?


When doing any project, teamwork is valuable. That includes clearly communicating the journey as it happens. When publishing an anthology you will often come into bumps in the road. That being said, you have to be willing to take ownership of the process in order to push forward towards your mission. #Unmuted is the second anthology coming out of World Voice League, LLC and adds to a goal has of unmuting the voice of women. That type of empowerment moves people to action but you must have a strategy so that everyone is moving in the same direction.

Give feedback and take feedback in order to optimize the experience for the team. It is easier to blame someone than it is to take ownership and find a solution. Your leadership will guide the moral of the team. I know that they say “happy wife…happy life” but I want you to think more along the lines of “happy team and the leaders beams”. (Okay, it may be a little corny but you get the point)


Set clear intentions about how you want your project to leave an impact on the people that it serves. While giving books away for free is what Altovise leads with for #Unmuted, that may not be the goal for your project.

How will this product or service be of the highest service?

What may be the minimum service that will be provided?

While there are many people who may be doing something similar to you…they are not you! Altovise stepped away from the crowd to embark on a mission that is bigger than her. Ridiculed for the free ways that she shows up and serves, Altovise found herself without the initial support that many others have. It did not stop her drive! The more she lead with service, the more she opportunities opened up when she connected with people worldwide.

It led to speaking opportunities

It led to podcast interviews

It led to new community members within World Voice League, LLC

…and it won’t stop there.

Join Altovise and the ladies in the book #Unmuted as they continue to inspire people worldwide.

Become #Unmuted:

The co-authors of #Unmuted share what “becoming #Unmuted” has allowed them to do.

Paula McDowell

Becoming #unmuted has allowed me to let go of the fear of what others think about me. Since launching this book I’ve done podcast, got offer a guest spot on radio station, create products, and the support from people globally has been awesome. 

Darlene Higgs Hollis

Becoming #unmuted has allowed me to be a midwife for the birthing of other women’s visions

DrVowero Otomewo-Oriakhi

Becoming #Unmutted has made me share a top secret , but now a blessing to other Women.

Mercy Myles-Jenkins

Becoming #unmuted has opened up opportunities for me to share my story unapologetically. I pulled the curtain on a crisis moment that had me stuck in fear and showed through the power of a decision how I was able to get set free!

Vandora Wood

Becoming #unmutted has opened up opportunities for me to share my story with other women that “her dreams are possible”! Our situations & struggles are not our truth. Its an awakening that our voices have the power to create and inspire dreams that can become our reality!

Joy Alaman

Becoming #unmuted has opened opportunities for me to share another layer of my story of tragedy to triumph. Being part of the anthology #Unmuted put me in a community of women who now experience the freedom and power of our voices.


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