Consider the Storm…

” Storms come and you can either be prepared or… be unprepared” ~ Altovise

When talking about building and scaling a business many DO NOT consider the storms. Storms, even though they can be destructive they also can help you build a better business. Don’t believe me?

When we think about Covid-19, what did it teach you about your business?

Have you made your business essential?

Do you have money to cover costs when revenue is not being generated?

Could a team have helped you to better manage the adjustments that had to be made?

Do you need to consider an alternate way to market your business?

When we think about the strategy for our business we also must consider the storms. Create a plan that helps you to be proactive instead of reactive to every situation that happens in and around your business. This also allows you to see where money, time, and energy is being drained within your business. Many times we believe that we have to do it all because we have always been the person to do it all.

I have had moments where multiple clients left at once due to a transition in the business. I have also had people who did not clearly see how World Voice League, LLC fit into what they wanted. Oh, and we can’t forget those who have attempted to shift WVL into what THEY believed my mission should be. Each, in it’s own right, could have been considered a storm. They not only had the potential to be devastating to my revenue but also to my mindset as a business owner.

I mean…without the right mindset a business owner is dead in the water!!!

One thing that helped me the most was being able to look back at the victories that were already documented. I dive into the lessons learned and am always looking at just how I can adjust to become a better version of me. (A 2.0 of the me that I was the previous year) Doing this opened my eyes to something about storms that I want you to remember.

The foundation still remains!!!!

No matter how the water rushed through or how the winds tore things down, you will see a strong foundation after the storm. Strong foundations in life and business are valuable. With a strong foundation you have the ability to rebuild and fix areas that may have become damaged. Don’t be discouraged by believing that you are in the storm alone. Others have been in it before you, there will be some who are in it behind you and still others who dealt with a similar storm.

Consider the storms you have endured in the past. You are still here right? That means that you have what it takes and the know-how to overcome! USE IT!!!!! Check out a recent interview that I did with George and Frazier on Real talk with George and Frazier. My storms have definitely become a teaching point for my clients and community.


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