African Proverbs with Simon Okelo

“Wisdom is not like money to be tied up and hidden” ~ African Proverb

Wisdom, in my mind, is the guiding light between action and inactivity. Without it a person can easily fall into foolish ideals and petty bickering within themselves. That being said, this proverb brought a few things to my mind when I heard it in the Daily African Proverbs room on Clubhouse.

Without the guiding light of wisdom we often find ourselves in darkness. That darkness includes us repeating past actions that failed us or repeating toxic ways of thinking. Like a light, wisdom should not be hidden. Now, there will be times when that light is turned off for one reason or another but when it is on it’s brilliance should continue to shine.

What is your interpretation of the #African proverb?

~ Altovise

My name is Simon Javan Okelo. I grew up in the slums of Manyatta in Kisumu, Kenya, serving as the Field Director of Solace International and Co-Director of the Young Generation Centre from 2002-2010 where I directed humanitarian projects in Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, and South Sudan. I also worked as a DJ and producer, organizing Unite The People concerts in 2008 in the wake of post-election violence and founding One Vibe Africa.

I came to the US in 2010, and I have since organized events and digital campaigns celebrating the African diaspora locally and globally. For example, since 2014 I have organized Madaraka Festival at The Museum of POP Culture headlined by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Sauti Sol, Blitz The Ambassador, Rocky Dawuni, Meklit Hadero, Nik West, Naomi Wachira, Karun, and other renowned grammy award winning artists.


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    wonderful post😊👍


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